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Another fantastic doll from Dollzone!!

Mar 14, 2009

    1. Hi

      DollZone are pleased to announce the arrival of their new Chen2, the full set Chen2 will be available for sale from the 20th March and more details including price will be available from that date!!

      All dealers worldwide will have him available from 20th March.

      Here are some pics for you to have a peek at!


      I am sure he will be as popular as the other dolls recently launched!
      ** love the coat!! **:)
    2. Will the outfitset be released seperatelly?
    3. Do you know if he will be 70cm? I want that outfit too.
    4. Chen is one of the big boys, 70 or 72 cm -- and all the other recent "2" or "3" fullsets have had the outfits released separately so my guess? Yes, we'll be able to grab Fuzzy Coat Goodness separately.
    5. Hiya,

      Yes! the outfit is going to be available separately, it will include the coat, t-shirt, trousers, belt and necklace, cheers x

      ** loving the coat too **
    6. Will he become a basic mold?
    7. @Haneino Tsukiko - He is already a basic mold. He was released with two others, Hong and Yue when they came out with new 70/72cms.

    8. Dumb question #2.LOL
      Any sale of head only?
      I've got Chen 1 (he's smexy as all heck), but this new version is also quite attractive.
      So again, any word on "head only" saleability?
    9. Hiya Freya,

      I will check with DZ but cant see why not, it is the same head with a different face up, so cant forsee a problem, but will get back to you!