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another Phantom !

Jun 29, 2005

    1. She's actually not a new one, she's a customised Anael (the same sculpt as my Epi). Phantom has sold about 4 others (Anael or Samael) who have been customised and had special OOAK outfits made for them.

      Don't worry, though, the new dolls are coming soon! Phantom has said they will be announced first on her website, so I've been haunting it like crazy for news!

    2. Wow, she's pretty. But, uh, is it just me, or does her torso section look a little odd? Nothing against the doll or the artsist, I think its a very well done peice.
    3. Yeah, the chest is all box-shaped because of the over-pronounced collarbones and the breasts... point inwards O_o

      But other than that, wow, she looks great!

    4. Im thinking ,I would still like the boy :grin:
      I hope they will be aound in a couple of months