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Another round of LE Elf Lishe

Mar 10, 2005

    1. Looks like Eluts are having a second sell round of the LE Elf Lishe! Another batch of them will go on sale at "14:00 16.MAR.2005 (in Korean time)."

      Exactly the same package as last time... you can only get the Normal skin version though.
    2. Ooooh...... just wanted to say if anyone plans to buy her and wants to sell the sleeping head (sleeping elf head, not the vampire) PM cause I'd be interested XD
    3. I am gonna try to get her, but who knows if I will succeed or not.... :|
    4. Good Luck!!!! :D

      The faceups coming from Luts have been absolutely fabulous. I'd have tried to get my Elf Lishe from them, but I wanted BW, so I went with Liria instead... and my poor Lishe is still faceup-less!!!
    5. Ideally I'd like a BW too, but alas I will take what I can get! if I can get anything at all. :shudder
    6. If you only want the Elf Lishe head, you can probably wait until the non-LE ones go on sale...

      Or you can skip the faceups and order from Liria if you want the LE BW...

      (Unless her Order this round is full??? I haven't been keeping track...)
    7. yeah I asked liria, her stuff is all gone :(. oh well I'll be happy to get one regardless. if i dont get her I'll get a body for my shiwoo elf and then just wait for her normal version and soony elf..have to wait and see(crosses fingers)
    8. :o OMG I got her!!! doogie said she sold out in 8 seconds!! the force must have been with me last night i dont know how I pulled that off! but yay!!!! I got an elf girl!!
    9. Congrats! I think Elf El sold out in 8 seconds also.
    10. Congrats :)
      What will she be BW or Regular ?
    11. regular, they didnt have any BW left. but thats ok, Im just happy to have a girl elf for my boys. I love the elves, I told my husband I bought her...he didnt kill me hahaha, so long as I sell the other two heads hehe, but I have plans for them, gonna probably sell one of them and use the other for one of my season fairy dolls. so if anyone is looking for one of the extra heads, I should be willing to part with it soon! either the vampire or the dreaming, I want to take a look at them, im eager to see what everything looks like. I didnt get her make-up I figured I can paint her on my own, since I have down face-ups before. also if your interested in the others heads, I can open the eyes if you like. I plan to do that with the season fairy I will make anyway.:)anyhow! Im all excited now and thrilled that my husband doesnt want to kill me..i didnt tell him how much she was, but...it was under 1000 so...he wasnt TOO scared. once phoenix sells and I sell one of ehr heads it shoudl cover it, thats why he didnt get too scared hehhe. he is such a good guy... he even talks to my El sometimes. heheh man....Im long winded..sorry...mom is coming to visit me today from far away so Im all excited..plus loaded with caffiene!!make me stop!!!ok..think im done...for the moment.
    12. I am so happy for you! I love my elf Lishe. She is so spoiled!!!