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ANother Secret - Little Red Riding Hood and Mr Wolf

Jun 16, 2011

    1. Anyone ordering one of these? I inquired about a Mr. Wolf. I never really wanted a doll of this size but this head really calls to me. I have been dreaming about a She-Wolf for a wee while and I think this head is what I have been looking for.


      I have read this entire thread trying to research bodies and I am very nervous about buying a body that won't be a good resin/proportional match. I was thinking a Spiritdoll Proud body for her...not sure if WS or NS would be the best match. Anyone out there with a Mr. Rabbit have body suggestions?

      Thank you ;)
    2. I'm put in my order for a Mr. Wolf head. He is going to be the brother of my Chrom =D. Not sure about the body match. I will see when he get here.
    3. Mr. Wolf looks great :) I'm waitng for owners' pics
    4. Mr. Wolf is simply amazing!!!
      I'm just wondering how much does the shipping cost for those heads...
      And for the bodies I saw here on DOA that spiritdoll elegance body looked great with Mr. Rabbit head...I assume head should be similar size.
    5. I had to pay $30 in shipping and I live in EU.

      Just paid for my Mr. Wolf head and I will look into that Spiritdoll body. I <3 Spiritdoll.
    6. Total love for Mr. Wolf! I just sent an order in, so hopefully, I was able to get one :)

      This will be my first ANother Secret head, so now I gotta go do some research! Eeee...can't wait!
    7. Is mr. wolf a modified mr.rabbit? I can't quite tell, but they look very similar.
    8. I ordered Red Riding Hood and am hoping she will be able to share one of the bodies I have. We'll see when she gets here. Shipping to me in Ohio was $28.
    9. For me in the US, it was $28 =O
      I assume they're using EMS for that price.

      So...yah. I got one too. He's so gorgeous and I already knew who he was going to be that I didn't care for researching a proper body. :sweat

    10. I was wondering the same thing, as they do look rather similar.
    11. I just ordered a red riding hood head.
      gonna be my first another secret head so gotta go into some research too.

      Shipping's $19 to Singapore.
      They're def shipping from China, so I guess if u ever shipped anything from there, it'd be predictable.
    12. Gosh so tempting... gharrr I don't know what to do... I already promised no dolls this year, but I can get the body for example like next year... So... Damn I'm getting crazy :lol:

      Maankatje2000, vicki_j, nbluju, hhisprincess Thanks for information about shipping prices :)
    13. I've never done an impromptu purchase quite so fast before. ^^; But I could not resist Mr Wolf's cute little ears and little pointed teefies! <3 All too often the pointy-teeth thing winds up looking stupid, but this guy was done brilliantly. I'm very impressed.

      Since I do so many hybrids I'm not overly concerned about that aspect. I thought I read that they'd plunked Mr Wolf, at least, on an SD17 body, so if I aim for things that are a close match to Volks I ought to at least get in the ballpark. My F31 head has camped out on a Domuya body and an Angell-Studio (butter) body, so at least there are possibilities. ^_^
    14. I just sent email, I hope I made in time... This would be impulse buy... But Mr. Wolf is too cute on his own way :D
    15. Yep, there's a pic of Mr. Rabbit on the SD17 body on thei blog here:
    16. Mr. Wolf stole my heart (and pies for grandma)))) I want order him but is there a body under 62 sm(not so tall) and match well?
    17. I rather like Little Red Riding Hood! I got a Mr. Hat head from their last order, and the quality was absolutely fantastic. Little Red looks a bit like Mr. Hat too, so she'd make a great sister (I love girls with those odd/cute faces ^____^ )

      Still, I don't think I'll be getting anything from this sale (I've got two layaways to pay off >.<;;) but it's great to see these guys continuing to release pretty heads! (Also, I think some of the others in the first thread said that Spritdoll is a good match for these?)
    18. Really? I've been wanting a Spiritdoll body for ages now. Might finally have an excuse to get one. ^^;
    19. Hmm, any way to check the status of our order? Such as payment received, shipped, etc?
      Or is everything done via e-mail?

      Sorry if this is a stupid question :sweat
    20. I put in an order for Little Red. I love both heads but this is actually one of the few firl sculpts I like so I had to pick her up.