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Another Space 2 (40cm) discussion part 1

Mar 23, 2011

    1. Another Space 2 has beautiful MSD sized female dolls named Candy (Kabu), Cookie, Choco (Howl), Pudding, and Muffin.

      I have absolutely fallen for Kabu and am determined to bring her home! :aheartbea I'm certain it's going to take me a while to save up, but I would love to see what other people think of these dolls in the meantime too!

      How's the body sculpt? Does it move and pose well? What are your experiences with these dolls? Please share!! :eusa_pray

      ....Mod Notes.....

      Another Space 2 (40cm) discussion part 1:
    2. I would like to know about this too. I think Howl is beautiful and would like to see some pictures besides those on the website.
    3. I just ordered a Howl, and I'm excited to receive her! I fell in love with her face on the site, and although I wasn't in the market for a MSD girl (I've been looking at boy sculpts this whole time) I went ahead and got her while she was on sale.

      I was hoping to find some other people who had ordered one of these girls, they're so sweet and serious!
    4. I ordered a Kabu during the sale too! I started an Another Space 2 waiting room thread here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...nother-Space-2-(-Anotherspace2-)-Waiting-Room! if anyone wants to hang out. :lol:

      They are so very sweet and solemn, aren't they? Very different from a lot of other dolls I've seen. Such big eyes and so thoughtful looking. :abambi:

      I cannot wait to get Kabu home!
    5. I really want to get a Howl especially while she's on sale, I was planning on getting a shushu but I heard their prices are going up next month?
      I can't help feeling that the price for Howl is almost too good though, though I'm not that keen on her body.
      Do like her legs though...
      Does anyone know how long the sale is going to be on for?
    6. The sale goes on until May 8th. I got my girl and I adore her, she such a great poser!
    7. AH. I wish I could have nabbed Kabu during the sale, but it ends tomorrow...I don't know what it is but I've been occasionally looking at her all month and I think I've fallen in love. There's something about her that calls to me. And that Anotherspace2 banner ad that keeps popping up with her face on it is NOT helping. That's what first drew me to her.

      BewilderMe - Picspam, Please and Thank You? :')
    8. Box Opening Thread

      I can get more pictures, but I don't have her wig and she is only wearing makeshift clothes at the moment.


      With a face up. I am a horrible photographer and I take pictures with a cellphone camera, just a heads up!
    9. I know what you mean about the ad! :D I saw her there too and was like 'ooooo! Who's that?!' I'll post detailed pics when I get her home for you. :)
    10. BewilderMe Aw, poor little bald and naked dolly. It seems like a pink or red wig would suit her well.

      Yay~ Thank you. I'm so gutted over missing the sale, but the good news is they are offering her over at Soom/NeoAngelRegion so once my turbulent doll plans are sorted I can always put her on layaway.
    11. They are? That's awesome!

      Haha, I just got her new wig in today, actually. It's pink and purple. <3
    12. My Anotherspace2 Kabu (Candy)arrived recently and I've finally had time to post some owner pics of her! I am just thrilled with her.

      I am floored by the beauty of the default faceup by Estebebe :aheartbea and the mohair wig she came with is just stunning too. See for yourself!

      Anotherspace2 Kabu Candy Sweet Girl in Another Space 2 Outfit by Bright*Phoebe, on Flickr

      Anotherspace2 Kabu Candy Sweet Girl Standing in Another Space 2 Outfit by Bright*Phoebe, on Flickr

      Please click through to my flickr to see more pics (I have more, but DoA doesn't encourage doubling up and I want to respect that ^_^)!

      Also, box opening thread is here: Box opening for Another Space 2 Kabu (Candy)
    13. For anyone who is interested in seeing owner pics of some of these beauties, the Anotherspace2 database has now been added to the forum.

      For all you owners - not only is it a great way to help others see the beauty of a particular sculpt, but it's also a legit way of spamming your cutie! :love:lol: Please consider adding your lovelies!
    14. I want a Howl (now choco) :P I won't be able to get her for a while though, but yours is adorable :)
    15. If you're talking about my Kabu, thanks! She's my current favourite :aheartbea Have you seen the new Pudding? She's next on my list ;)
    16. I adore my Howl (now "Choco") and, since I wired her knees, she is a beautiful little poser.


      I've had lots of MSDs in the past from all sorts of companies including Unoa and Volks, but this girl is a keeper. Her face is always something that makes me happy.
    17. She looks so gorgeous in that photo! You're so lucky. :)
    18. Thank you, EternallyEmma. Rachel just got another outfit so I'll have to post some new photos soon.

      I think what I like best about her is that she doesn't look as though she is trying to be cute or coy like so many mini girls. She's very straightforward and so always pleasant to have around :aheartbea
    19. Ooh I look forward to seeing them. :)
      Yeah you're so right, my first doll is going to be a boy that I've made into a girl 'cause I prefer his face to all girls I've seen.
    20. For all you who own Anotherspace2 dolls, they're having a photo contest!

      From July 11 - 31, 2011, you could actually win one of their new baby dolls if you post a winning photo! :o:D

      They're giving away 2 dolls and one outfit as prizes.:fangirl::dance

      I have never heard of a company actually giving away 2, let alone 1 doll as a prize before. I'm totally going to enter!!!