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Another Space Goggles and Pilot hats now at FEATHERFALL!

Oct 29, 2007

    1. New outfits added, some retired but.. most exciting of all, Featherfall now carries Anotherspace items. We have Goggles and Pilot hats listed in the store now, and will be listing clothes and wigs on days to come:



      EDIT: Just a note to people that we're still checking on which colour lenses can go with each style. The colors might be limited by the style. ;p
    2. are the colours of the lenses we get random? or do we get to choose?

    3. You can choose from the styles depicted -- I'll check on the colour of lenses, but I believe at least the ones we have coming over the next couple of weeks are either transparent, blue or red. I'll double check!
    4. Oh okay~ awesome.

      oh, are you gonna get anymore flint pistols?
    5. Sadly we get that question a lot, but the answer is still the same -- we haven't been able to get any since that first batch sold out. We'll let you guys know if we do.
    6. I noticed you only have one kind of pilot hat/cap. Are they no longer making the two versions (one comes with a snap closure under the chin (hat B) and the other with a loop thing (dunno what you call it) you thread the strap through (hat A))?

      Just curious..

    7. That's correct. Initially we wanted cap A and cap B from AS, but we've been told they are no longer producing those - but rather focusing on new ones, the ones we have up on our site.
    8. Will you be carrying Unoa size goggles?
    9. the msd sized ones fit unoas i believe^__^
    10. A NOTE:
      Still waiting on confirmation but I believe that the colour of the lenses will depend on the style you choose ( as depicted in the pictures).

      Those that already placed orders, customer service will contact you once we have a definitive answer.

      We will be restocking these routinely, so even if your particular style sells out, we will be reordering.

      A question passed along from the tech guy - is it easier for people if the listings of product are made by style? ie 5 different product listings, one for each style?


      Contact customer service. Its hard to tell, as it will depend as to what's in stock. They're physically arriving in about 2 weeks or so, so even if you miss them this time around we will be ordering more.
    11. Will you be carrying the one-eye goggles from Another Space?
    12. Those are the ones that initially caught our attention, and we wanted to carry them -- but apparently they are now either discontinued or sold out. :( We hope they will bring them back, and will definitely keep you posted if they do!
    13. We've completely sold out the ones we have coming in, and Another Space is rather overwhelmed with orders at the moment. We intend to place our next order with AS in the next month or so - so if you missed out on the ones we had, although we are not taking preorders ---

      We have started a waiting list for goggles, so please email customer service with the size/ type goggles you'd like to be put on there for, and you will be notified once they are available again. Waiting list costumers will have priority on the next batch we get.

      Thank you for your patronage!
    14. So have u found out for sure yet if the colour of the lenses depend on the style?

    15. At least for the orders that we are getting in - yes the styles reflect the colour lenses.
    16. How long does it take for the goggles from another space to ship out? o.O Just curious... since I ordered some when this was first announced and they were still available xD lol

    17. We are getting the first batch sometime this week- next batches will follow. Everyone that placed an order will be contacted as soon as they're in town.