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another tiny

May 2, 2005

    1. Ack!!!!! They're *adorable!! When, oh *when* will this new-doll-wanting end!?

    2. HA! You don't really want an answer, do you? :wink: :wink:
    3. I know, I know ... so many new dolls, and they all have to be so *cute,* damn them! :wink:

      They're too cute to be believed!

    4. Woah, the boy is supercute! :D
    5. Their faces *almost* remind me of SDCutes.

    6. they are lovely arnt they :D
      I think they are limmited to 20 peices - so the web site says

      I would be so tempted
      if I hadnt got Hound on the way ...and Gienne..and Peter ..and I so want that U-me head

      :D and my Hubby ...who totally Rocks bought the 2 Unoa boy kits this morning :D

      so I dont think I can afford it ...for like the next 2 years LOL
    7. Oh, dear ... there's just something about these little ones I'm falling hard for. Aside from the YJ auction, does anyone know enough Korean to translate how to order them?

      I know there are only 20 each, but maybe they've only just *begun* selling them?

      I *want* them!!! :cry:

    8. I'd be interested in more info as well. :)
    9. I just emailed Doya to see if she might be able to help us order! I'll post here any information I hear back!

    10. Eeep! I want that girl :cry: so cutee :chibi
    11. I love the boy , but cant afford it no
      Card is maxed
      so I will enjoy watching and waitng and see what they are like
      I love the boy and would be very tempted wit him

      by the look of the web site their are going to be more
    12. can anyone translate the order information?

      Sigh, unoa boys first ::tsks self::
    13. yup I just ordered both boys
      trying to think of names for them :grin:
    14. they are gorgeous ^^ I don't like th girl body very much, I think o.o'
    15. I just heard back from Phantom! Here is the overseas orcdering information:

      Hello Lia!!
      I found out today.

      bank name : INDUSTRIAL BANK OF KOREA
      branch : WOL-BAE Branch
      address : 116-4 JINCHUN-DONG DALSEO-KU DAEGU, S, KOREA
      swift code : IBKO KRSE DAE
      account number : 330-023418-01-011
      receiving person : Kang Yeon Hwa
      Amount of money : 298$ (per 1 doll)

      At quality of work the preparation term of in 30~40 days
      is necessary.
      The make-up and assembly are included.
      And dress, 8mm eyeball, wig, box, certificate, make-up and
      construction are included.
      But body make-up and body este are not included.
      The eyeball is random.

      If you want purchasing my doll, pay with the account number, please.
      The sending does at EMS special express.


      So, is there anyone else out there who's interested in placing an order? The reason I ask is, if the money has to be sent by bank transfer, I don't have a "traditional" bank account with a routing number and all that fun stuff. If I can find someone else who'd like to order who *can* do a bank transfer, though, I could paypal that person my total and we could possibly save on shipping.

      Just thought I'd put some feelers out there, in case anyone was interested!

      EDIT: I forgot to mention, I'd be more than happy to pay the bank transfer fee for anyone who wants to actually do the transfer itself!

    16. **dies** Why, oh WHY did you have to put this onformation up? I've been watching the development of the dolls on that site for MONTHS, and I LOVE Samael....

      **covers eyes** No! I don't need one! I don't!

      Luke Alan: Kiya, are they the right size to be a doll for me?

      Kiya: **dies**
    17. Hmm... I wonder how much time we have left to order. If I get this job I'm hoping for I would like to order one. I know they are limited, but I wonder how many are left?

      Although I am curious to see what the other angels will look like...