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"Another You"

Aug 16, 2010

    1. Mods, if this is a duplicate, please delete it~

      Hi. I came across the "A doll that looks like you" thread and read through it for a minute. This brought and interesting question to mind:

      How many people actually have or have plans to have a doll that is meant to be you('cept you know, in doll form)?

      I'm not asking if you've ever thought about it, I'm asking if you truly plan or already have done it.
      Will anyone throw their hat into the ring? :aheartbea

      Thanks for answering everybody! There's some great answers, though they don't "hit the nail on the head". Sorry, I have a horrible time phrasing things. What I'm asking here is if anybody has a doll that is meant to be %100 them(Looks like them, has their personality, dresses like them, etc.). ^^' Or even what you wished you were/wanted to be, but still is you.
    2. I don't have or want any that LOOK like me per say but, I have 4 personality personas that I'm working on. I have one of them but I'm still working on the other 3. So I guess that counts as dolls that are me but are dolls...I hope.:sweat
    3. Many of my dolls represent different parts of my personality in a way. It wasn't really planned but it just worked out that way.
      Dice, however, my Soom Gena is actually my 'mini me' as I like to call her, or rather my 'better me' as I dress her exactly how I like to dress and she has similar makeup to myself. Her story is also a little based on my own life but she has children unlike me (but that was only an excuse to get a couple more dolls hehe!).
    4. The doll I'm currently getting is pretty much going to be my characterized version of myself. She won't be an exact copy of me, but she'll be exaggerated parts of my persona for sure. I think it's almost unavoidable because one usually values something about their self. It would make sense that we would create a doll which shares at least some traits with us.
    5. All of my dolls are different sides of me! Shoot lol my pullips represent my moods! (Pink and giggly, Out doors and tom boy, excentric and outgoing, Shy and quiet!) and my BJDs are definatly me in them but they don't look like me!
    6. Ewww. No thanks. Not interested. I don't really see the point or attraction.

      The American Girl dolls seem cute for kids--building self-esteem and imagination or whatever.

      Oh... I guess if you like to dress to look the same as your doll and think it would look great to get as exact a match as possible, it could be interesting for someone... not for me, though! :)
    7. Have you looked at the Doll in Mind Minimee thread in the BJD database? There are a number of people in the forum who have dolls not only based on themselves character-wise, but also sculpted to look like them. I don't have an interest in it for myself, but I think it's a neat concept. :)
    8. I've been looking for a doll of me for a while :) The Elfdoll Lydia really strikes me as the one to do it since she looks just like me in real life and has my name O_O But sadly she needs tan skin and that's a sadly lacking feature with Elfdoll :( I don't intent to ever make a minimee of myself since I think there are a couple dolls that could pull it off. I want to find or make some of my favorite outfits for the doll as well.

      I got into dolls since I retired from cosplay, so I would love to have a doll as myself so I could dress her up in all the cosplays that I can't wear any longer.

      I am just looking for the right doll to do it with :)
    9. I'm making a doll who is a humanoid version of my fur/pursona.
      So kinda
      she like an ideal/part animal form of me.
      She looks nothing like me (or will do)
    10. That's an interesting idea RE: having the doll version of you do your favourite cosplays. I think in time, you'll find a sculpt that suits what you're looking for.
    11. I might one day!! I'vebeen thinking about it a lot lately, actually XDDD But the problem is, I look like boy dolls....
      ah well that works for me XD

      But yeah I thought it would be fun haha
    12. My best friend and her boyfriend are planning to get dolls of each other. They would be existing molds, not 100% likenesses, but they're supposed to be them, with their characters etc. She would be an Iplehouse EID Yur if I remember correctly, he would be a Soom Chrom/DZ hybrid (nothing wrong with idealizing a bit I guess:P).

      As for myself, I wouldn't go that far I think, I don't think myself suitable to incorporate in a doll anyway, and MNMs usually unsettle me. I do like the idea of having a "me" doll to wear the cosplays I can't wear anymore, though^^.
    13. I don't want a doll which looks like me..I guess I'll react like some main character of a horror film screaming all around if there's ever a doll which looks like me.-_-'' but I do create different personality for each doll I own....
    14. This is an interesting topic, and I'm curious-- those of you who dislike like the idea of a little doppelganger-- why don't you like it? As I said, just curious about your reasons, not at all intending to be judgemental.
    15. Hmm...I would say I don't like the idea of a doll that is supposed to be a little me because there is only one of me, and I don't like to share. The doll I want is going to look pretty much like me and dress like me but I'm not going to go so far as to give her my personality. It's not that giving a doll my personality is freaky or weird or anything, it's just not my intention with my dolls. I want to create characters from my art and writing, which I suppose are in essence extensions of myself.
    16. my features and hair already look like most male dolls, all it would need is a Styx shirt and a fedora lol
    17. Anneke-
      Thats an interesting reason. I somewhat want a minime just so I can dress her in all the clothes I'm too shy to wear in real life.
      I was considering getting a dollfie dream version of myself. It wouldn't look exactly like me, it would be more like a stylized incarnation. I have your same problem though- no tan!

      I'd actually like to know that to. I personally think it'd be cool to have a little version! Or if you didn't want you-doll, you could get... alternate universe you-doll! XD
    18. I would get minimees of myself, but I wouldn't make them me. I might give them aspects of my personality if I did a story with them, but they wouldn't be me. I'd most likely give them different hair and eyes too, and maybe scars or tattoos. Seeing the possibilities of what you could look like would be fun :D
    19. I don't think I would have one look exactly like me (although if I could find one I wouldn't mind). But I'm think of making one that is somewhat like me in personality.
    20. For me, I like creating original characters that are combinations of several people or characters. Another reason why I haven't pursued a little doppelganger is that I can't really think of sculpts that resemble me and would be available in a skintone similar to my own. I probably look closest to Angelsdoll Ruby or Souldoll Shiva-G. However, I do have plans to get Angelsdoll Ruby in a tanned resin, so she will probably be the closest in my brood to looking like my doppelganger, but her personality will be very different. :)