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AnotherSpace2 [EVENT & SALE] ^^

Dec 7, 2010

    1. [FONT=&#44404]Dear, [/FONT]​

      [FONT=&#44404]This is AnotherSpace2.[/FONT]​

      [FONT=&#44404]We begin Limitedsale again because of request of member.[/FONT]​

      [FONT=&#44404]Here are some of the details.[/FONT]​

      [FONT=&#44404]1. Setting from next Monday,,(December 13.) for four days[/FONT]
      [FONT=&#44404]Items are 40% ~ 60% sales!![/FONT]​

      [FONT=&#44404]2. We give head(no make) better one if buy doll(USD/MSD).[/FONT]​

      [FONT=&#44404]3. Would you take a picture of AnotherSpace2 goods??[/FONT]
      [FONT=&#44404]Raise the photograph in review & Guest gallery....[/FONT]​

      [FONT=&#44404]*There will be a drawing in which particpants will be given generous gift.[/FONT]​

      [FONT=&#44404]*Please stop by the Q&A if you have any questions.^^[/FONT]​

      [FONT=&#44404]Thank You~~~[/FONT]​

    2. Does the percent off the dolls and free head end in 4 days as well?
    3. That's all right .
      It is until this week Friday