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AnotherSpace2 Sale the Howl & Kabu

Feb 1, 2011

    1. Thank you very much for your interesting of AnotherSpace2.
      Today, we sale the basic Howl & Kabu!
      Have good day


    2. Do these two girls have the same body as the Rollydolly on your site (I don't think the doll has a name?).
      I am wondering if these dolls are different than the Rollydolly although they are the same height they are not listed with the Rollydolly.

      Also do they have the same body as the Slinkyneko junior dolls?

      thank you.
    3. Hi~~
      1.Doll of rollydolly and AnotherSpace2 is doing different size and shape.
      2.Junior reed of AnotherSpaces2 40㎝ and Sinkneko is same size.
    4. Thank you do you have nude body pictures of Rollydolly ? or comparision nude pictures of the two types?
    5. Hi~~~
      It is the bady photograph.

    6. [​IMG]

      It is the MSD 3rd OOAKsale news
      Type : KABU Sale day : March 2, (Korea time)
      Post a picture on homepage : February 25,