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Any Asian Faced Tinies?

Mar 24, 2010

    1. I really have a thing for realistically asian sculpted dolls and was wondering if anyone knew of a company that did sculpts like that?


      This Sona from Dollmore is a good example of the kind of thing I'm looking for :)

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!:aheartbea:aheartbea
    2. This thread might help: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...sian-face-Yo-size-tinies&p=3852725&viewfull=1

      Cookie seems pretty standard "dolly" face to me, at least mine does. Her features aren't really defined, and her eyes are very round. She does look like the doll you posted. Here's an owner pic:

      The most asian faces I've seen amongst the "smaller than Yo" tiny set is the Elfdoll tiny Moneami sisters, Min Del Re, Jin Dal Re, and Bong Sung Hwa. They're very tiny, about 5" tall, but have an adult build...good dollhouse scale. They're always popping up on the Marketplace, and some of the former Elfdoll distributors like Denver Dolls may have some still available. There's also Doona Soah, also from Elfdoll, who is a smaller-scale Soah in the Hana size...she shows up less often in the MP, but I know you can still get her from Elfdoll. Unfortunately, to buy one new, you have to be a member of Elfdoll or know someone who is to order, and they're not always available (although you can order Doona at the moment) since their ordering is on type cycles.

      Other "asian" featured tinys would be those from Domadoll (though most are Yo sized): www.domadoll.com

      Good luck!
    3. I'm not sure if she's Asian, but Narin doll Bandy (http://www.dollfair.com/firefly.htm) is rather realistic in sculpt and has a good scale if you're aiming for a small child.
    4. The Elfdoll Sooah, I think it is, would be a great example in my opinion. Let me see if I can get a picture for you..
    5. One specific characteristic about Asian people is not that all of them have small eyes but most of them (if not all) do not have a crease, most of them are single lidded Asians. I'm not Asian but everybody always ( those who don't really know me: teachers, customers etc) asks me if I'm from Asia. They always come to that conclusion because of my eyes, I also have single lidded eyes XD

      Elfdoll Soah is a great example of what I'm talking about(Mitya beat me to it XD). She has the perfect eyes!

      And this is also one the reasons why I fell in love with MD Alk, he's a tiny from Soom and the form of his eyes are very Asian-like <3 with black eyes and black hair he would be perfect if you want a Japanese, chinese etc character.

      Here's Doriskos, my little boy <3
    6. www.doll-zone.com

      Check out the BB section of dollzone, I think a few of them would be along the lines of what you're looking for such as Ami/Ani, Jing/Sis, and Judy.Good luck :)
    7. Don't know that you have an elfdoll account, but they made a new tiny that is a mini-Soah, and she's flippin' adorable!

      She's 20cm, so smaller than the standard Yo-SD (Around Petite Ai size?), and she also has a smiling and 'reminiscing' (sleeping) face plate. :)


      Hope that helps. The only other one I can think of (and she's MSD sized) is Iplehouse's I. She's a very Asian sculpt, and I myself am debating whether Soah or I is a better sculpt for my Japanese-type character. :P