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Any child like mini sized kids??????????

Aug 18, 2008

    1. I am very new to bjd\'s, my passion are the kids, just love the cutenss of them all!My question is are there any msd sized child looking dolls, ideally i would like them to look as young as possible, maybe like 4-8 years old and definately no breasts, could any of you guys please help a newbie out here, i have searched and searched but never found one this young looking.Thankyou in advance.
    2. I think Kid delf Aru look like a really young sweet child. The girl bodies for kid delf do have tiny boobs but they aren't noticeable at all unless the doll is naked.
    3. For the immature bodies, I'd say Volks MSDs or CP Kid Delfs (at Luts). They both also have a lot younger looking facemolds. :)
    4. Secretdoll Yomo looks like a lttle girl. I love mine. There are two versions, regular Yomo, who has tiny breasts like a 12-year old, and Innocent Yomo, who has none.
    5. Thankyou guys for all your help, i will have a look at these kids and see if they are the ones for me
    6. Dollstown 5yr and 7yr olds
    7. take a look at the Leeke minis too. there are a couple that are super baby faced.
    8. OMG! I just fell in love! Oh wowsers she is just too cute, THANKYOU so much for sharing, need to go look at the price!Thankyou all guys for taking the time to respond, you have been a great help!