Any dolls based on book characters?

Apr 20, 2018

    1. I'm working towards saving up money to get my Mystic Kids Francis his faceup to make him a book-accurate doll version of Edward Hyde at the moment, I'm looking into getting a tan skinned Merry Doll Round Fang or some similar sculpt in order to have her as Lady Silence from The Terror, and i've been planning for a few years to get a Doll Zone Raymond to be Sharon from Library of Souls.

      Is there anyone else in the community that also either has or is planning to get dolls in order to base them off your favorite book characters? I'd love to meet your dollies!
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    2. I have an IoS Cho head on the way that I'm planning to base off Rin Okumura from the manga Ao no Exorcist. Sculpt is just too perfect not to.
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    3. That sculpt truly is perfect! I look forward to seeing him!
    4. Don't know if that counts but I'm turning quite a few dolls into Wonderland characters. Not from the original Alice and Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass books, though - they're based on my interpretations of those Wonderland characters, from a fanfiction of mine. I guess technically they're still book characters - but they're different from the originals. (Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum, for example - their real names are Emma and Pip - are ghost twins and they usually accompany Black Alice who's kind of the "angel of death" of Wonderland ...)
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    5. I just have to say I love the sound of this. I've had a few alt Wonderland characters and rps for years and as big of a fan as I am of the original concept I've always loved seeing different ways the characters can be changed up.
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    6. I didnt have any ideas till I read the thread tittle. Now I want to make Kylar from the Night Angel trilogy. Probably won't be for a very long time though.
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    7. I don't have any doll inspired by book characters, but if I were to get any, I'd love to work on an Elric of Melniboné doll, some Silmarillion dolls (Feanorians! <3 ) and possibly a few dolls inspired by Holly Black's Modern Faerie Tales series? :D So many possibilities! *____*

      ...However, due to the lack of space in my room, I'm planning to stick mostly to my own OCs when it comes to bjds, so I don't know if any of those plans will ever become a reality ;___;
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    8. That's a really cool idea! I'm always up for some Alice in Wonderland. We read the original novel in my Victorian Literature seminar this semester, so I'm excited to see how your dollies turn out!

      :D oh the Silmarillion dolls would be fantastic! You could put so much detail into their costumes <3
      I hope that you get more space eventually so you can do it!
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    9. My brother has published a few books and I have one character from his shelled (although not completed) and a second character I need to get a body for since I have the head. If you count Grimm's Fairy Tales as a book, I have Rose Red. And two characters I play that are based on characters: Mina Harker (yes THAT Mina Harker, more based in the 90s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen than Dracula) and Athena from Greek myth.
    10. I have a lot of BJDs inspired by BL novels written by my friends - Bazikotek&Dark Markiel
      And I have one based on anime "Free!" - Rin Matsuoka (IOS CHO) :3

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    11. Thats really cool! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! That's awesome that you play Mina.

      This is a PERFECT Rin! I'm genuinely impressed! Did you make his clothes or buy them?
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    12. The doll I'm currently working on is going to be Alia Atreides from the Dune series by Frank Herbert. I actually prefer to imagine a version of Dune where Alia is the main character, because it's a fascinating universe but a really deeply misogynistic one, and badly needs a feminist reinterpretation!
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    13. Its not really a book character, but it's a comic book one. I want to find a sculpt for Jason Todd as the Red Hood from the Batman Comics.
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    14. I'm getting a Souldoll Lester and Sean shelled as Nadir Khoury and Ameer Darwish from the dystopian gayrotic novel "Concrete Monsters".
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    15. I don't know if you know this already but a Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki doll was sold for a limited time. Also Grell Sutcliffe, Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler! I tragically do not have any of them but if I did own a character based doll, they would be it!
    16. The closest I have to dolls based off book characters are actually my first two girls, modeled off a Korean fairy tale. The little sister is my icon.
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    17. That's really interesting! I need to know, what's the fairytale?
    18. I completely agree with you on that one! Alia is a better main character for sure :lol: I look forward to seeing her!

      That would be super cool! For a time I considered getting a doll to base on Nightcrawler from the XMen comics. Someone on Tumblr had an altered and specially dyed boy that was to die for. The only problem was how expensive the resin color would be! I've since given up on the idea and am quite content looking at the photos of the doll that already exists.
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    19. I have my own interpretation of Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz series. The movie Dorothy and the illustrations from the books are so different, so I picked the best from both for my Dorothy. I’ve tried to make characters before and they have always failed. My own version has worked this time!
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    20. I'd love to see her! Do you have any pictures? I always adored the Wizard of Oz growing up. If more companies had green resin, I would consider making a Wicked Witch!