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Any Events Currently?

Feb 14, 2016

    1. I would really love to take part in some BJD crafting events and such.
      I've hear about an anual event where you compete in multiple rounds according to different themes and create clothes, wigs, shoes etc.

      Is that here on DoA?
      Does it have a specific date?

      And are there other sewing/crafting events out there that I should know about?
    2. Around August or so there's the DOA anniversary event. DOA holds themed sewing competitions and a few other things. ^^ Unfortunately it's not around that time yet, still have about a half a year to go. Here is the link for the 2015 anniversary events so you can just see what it was like. LINK Last year's anniversary celebration was smaller than usual because the forum was going through a lot of changes.

      We also had the Project Runway competition in the games subforum (LINK) and it got up to round 31 (LINK) but the organizer for that unfortunately had to retire to do health problems so I believe it's not running anymore. But perhaps it will come back one day.

      This one isn't really a competition, but it is a theme sewing challenge. I believe it's the only one on DOA currently active. LINK And you can still join this round it you want. ^^