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Any famous collectors of BJD's

Apr 18, 2008

    1. I used to collect My Little Pony (eons ago) and there used to be a thing about the fact that Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore did too...are there any famous people out there that we know of that also collect BJD's?
    2. Mercedes Lackey, the author, has quite a few.
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    3. I believe it's Revo of Sound Horizon, Japan, who owns and travels with ABJD's.



      I know I've seen other shots with him and his kids, but cannot recall where now, sorry.
    4. Amy Brown, artist fairy chick, does. I think I remember her selling some, though, so I'm not sure if she still does.
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    5. Eh, Id consider her much less famous and much more cliche fantasy artist. She did own some though, awhile back.
    6. ooh quite interesting :) but no big hollywood stars then...someone should introduce them to them ;)
    7. You're kidding me! That is so cool *^^* I wonder if she dresses them like her characters. I could totally see a Vanyel or Firesong dollfie!!
    8. I know Anne Rice is a big doll collector, not sure she is into BJDs yet, but I can see her getting into the hobby when she learns about it. (Based on the dolls of her characters she has had released over the years).

    9. Heh, her two girls look like they're trying to hide from the cameras XD

      I don't doubt that there are probably some celebrities that own a few considering, but they probably don't advertise it or anything. Mercedes Lackey is the only person I know about who is well known, too.
    10. Thanks for the link - nice music!
    11. I don't know really much about her or her writing, but I do know that she posts quite frequently to DoA. :)
    12. Wow that is even cooler! I have read almost everything that she has written and her Valdemar books are still some of my favorites. (i have cats named after some of her characters *^^*) It makes me geekishly happy that I share a hobby with her!
    13. I wasn't consideringpersonal preferences or opinions on her - to some collector and artist groups, she's a big name. I've certainly seen her name on the internet since I was a younger and have ran into her things in quite a few stores.
    14. I know Demi Moore used to collect dolls...I don't know if she still does, but I am fairly certain they were BJD's.
    15. I think she used to collect antique dolls. I read somewhere she gave up and sold/gave them away tho.
    16. Just wait, she may find this thread and show off her dolls. Ms. Lackey posts here quite a bit. I know she did one doll up like Victoria Victrix for a contest where you could win said doll...
    17. how cool, i didn't know she was into dolls. i hope she finds out about bjd's!
    18. Demi Moore actually attended some doll-related events but not on the BJD side... I've been hearing about her collection of fashion dolls like Barbies and Tonners. I wonder if she's still doing it or is too busy with Ashton now.

      I'd be busy with Ashton if I had my druthers. lol.
    19. That's a bit harsh, I think. The fact that many people can recognize her name and her art makes her famous, no?
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    20. I love Amy Brown, she has her dolls on her site as well, and sells clothes and dolls also. :) I wonder if Gwen Stefani knows about BJD's? Since she does (or did, i don't keep up with celebrities) the whole Japanese thing (her Harajuku Lover's line- which i adore!), that would be cool. :)
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