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any first edition Naraes stil here?

Nov 12, 2007

    1. Hi all Narae fans!

      as my Ussika is growing in age I was wondering are they any first edition Naraes on the bord?
      I mean the first limited edition of 200, the ones made of old resin.
      my Ussika was one of those (her number is 102). I remember that when I was buying her there was no Dollfair and you had to buy dolls from creator. those were gorgeous times, when there was almost no Narindoll owners on the web and I remember that when I was buing mine, I was able to find only 3 owners photos of Narae in the whole internet ...

      funny times when Narae was unpopular doll...

      so, anyone here owns the first edition dolls? please show me your babes :D!

      heres my ussika with her second make-up :3
    2. Do her eyes move with her hand? Just wondering...I loved that idea .
    3. I think StephG's Naomi may be a very early Narae. StrontiumDog's first pinky-white version of Feenix was also very early but was sold and renamed when Feenix got a new tanning head and body (and may now belong to someone not on DoA). But I don't know how early they were exactly. I think StontiumDog's was one of the ones faced up and sold at Reve en Poupee. And both are definitely original mold faceplates. There are a several other people with the original mold Narae (before Open Eye was introduced).

    4. Yep, you're absolutely right Carolyn.S! My first Narae was one of the first versions. She does now belong to someone who doesn't post here ( but might only read ). She came from Reve en Poupee, as did Steph's Naomi...infact Feenix was number 35, Noriko's girl was 36 and Naomi is number 37.

      Marti, it was your Ussika that made me want a Narae...and I still love your girl;)

      Yes, the feelings toward Narindolls have changed! Two and half years ago I think some people wanted to shoot me for having one:lol:
    5. Unfortunately, when they first came out people were under the impression that Bimong had stolen the eye mechanism from Unoas... so there was a lot of controversy about them... add to that that it was so hard to buy them, and its easy to see why there aren't many on the board!

      Fortunately, things with the eye mechanism were cleared up and Dollfair came along... I know people were interested in them even then so I haven't been surprised at their "sudden" popularity. XD
    6. I just had to say that I think she is a very lovely girl!:)
    7. Marti - did you open Ussika's eys a bit? They seem a bit more open, more almond shaped. and more up at the outer corners.