Any Halloween Costume Plans for Your Dolls?

Oct 20, 2019

    1. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I’d love to hear what costume plans you have (or have had) for your dolls! One of my boys is a werewolf so I’ll be making him furry ears and a tail, and then a Red Riding Hood costume for his partner. Feel free to share your ideas or photos of past costumes!
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    2. None whatsoever

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    3. I finished cutting out a fake pumpkin to put on top of one of my dolls heads and finished a cape for him yesterday. I also plan on making a cute ghost costume for my new doll.

      Edit: I tried the pumpkin on Mel's head today. I just have to draw on the face.

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    4. I am very lazy and don't bother even though I have cosplay costumes for most of my resin friends, but I do put a sweater on them when it gets cold, which makes no sense at all. I have a headless horseman, Star Lord, Effie Trinket, Riddler, and a steam punk costume.
    5. I did, but ran out of time. If I can't get it done this week, then oh well. My tinies were going to get some matching candy corn felt costumes, to along with my realfee's candy corn witch outfit I made last year.
    6. I recently got back into the hobby so no plans. But I am planning for next year! I'll be on top of it then lol. I been so busy unpacking too from moving (months ago but you know how boxes just sit there waiting for months) to fully enjoy halloween this year. I had plans that never really happened sadly in general.
    7. Sadly, no. I can barely get them dressed, so nothing left for costumes!
    8. I am playing around with things I can find around home, so maybe. ;3
    9. I play clothes swap so my characters are each other for Halloween. Though I do want to make one of my yosd little red riding hood this year, I just don't know if I'll have time.
    10. I was planning to make something for a couple of my dolls but Halloween has snuck up on me too fast this year :sweat maybe I'll still start and give myself a big head start for next year haha
    11. I'm not sure to be honest. I have been busy getting ready for my trip but I do want to do something even if it is as small as make little mask for my crew. Maybe I can work on it tonight...
    12. I guess you could say my guys are in costume already, haha. One is an alien, one is cybergoth, and one is a panda.
      I might work on some props or decorations for a photoshoot, but no costumes.
      It'll be fun to see what everyone else does!
    13. I was making a cosplay and there was a piece of fabric scrap that was in the perfect shape to make into a bat wing cloak. So Aeron will be getting a new piece of clothing, lucky lady.
    14. Unpopular opinion here, but I absolutely hate Halloween. My own costume is a Christmas dress and battery operated string lights, as in I'll be one thing most people fear--Christmas in the mall before Halloween! :XD::hollyberry

      That being said, Stan and Cian have costumes as Super Craig and Wonder Tweek from South Park, and Stan got a pretty awesome Princess Kenny costume in the Halloween swap, so they're ready to go, even if the rest of my crew isn't. Kit has a clown dress and LucyFaire has a Ring Master dress, but they're circus themed year round so I'm not sure if that counts! Same with Jane's kitty ears, they're part of her every day wear.
    15. Very cute idea! I love the pattern on the cape too.

      No, I totally do the same thing! Switching them into cold weather clothing really gets me feeling the change of season. Those all sound like very fun costumes to have!

      Oh awesome! What cosplay are you working on?
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    16. I love Halloween, but sadly don't have the time to make anything this year. I just started my first rotation last month and have been pretty busy with study and research lately. Maybe next year? Err... actually I'll probably be busy with fellowship applications, so 2021? Haha... T_T
    17. Crowley from Good Omens, so I was making fabric-based wings to make them convention safe. If there’s enough white organza left from my girlfriend’s Aziraphael wings, then Deimos will get a matching angel cape <3
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    18. That sounds great! I loved that book so much and was actually pretty pleased with the mini-series. I hope you're able to share when you've finished, I'd love to see it!
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    19. Chaeri loves to dress up! This year we're going to be more-or-less matching nekomimi. I've got my ears, and I just need to make Riri something that approximates a school uniform. (I'm going to be a teacher since a woman over 50 would look silly in fuku, and I don't think they come in my size anyway.)
    20. I made a Pyramid Head cosplay for a few of my dolls quite sometime ago, here's a gallery thread for the most recent. However, I always wanted to have a scene with one of my OT figures and my FL CL Rou cosplaying as the Bubble Headed Nurse and PH, at the same time. However, I am lazy and suck at sewing, so I keep putting further and further down my list of "to do stuff." I was hoping I was going to be able to do so this year, but I haven't even started on the nurse's outfit. I completed the PH apron and skinned-gloves back on 2016, and I had been planning them since 2011. I joked that it would probably take me another six years to make the nurse's outfit, but now it's probably going to turn into the truth. DX My bff sculpted PH's helmet for me, I wasn't too thrilled with the gloves and knife I made, but the apron skirt was a pain in the gut to figure out how to make, so I'll keep it that way even if it sucks. (:

      This is the color corrected photo, the ones in the gallery thread were the lazy versions. ^^;;
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