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Any ideas about Unidoll Akion? (3-eyed BJD)?

Feb 23, 2009

    1. although i really want to like him, and i love the concept, i don't like the way they have done the third . it doesn't look like a natural forehead, it looks like some kind of "plate" with an eye in it. it's too flat and boxy. i also think if they are going to try and sell him based on the promo images, they should include the wings. it is misleading, that the wings are not included unless you really look, and i think someone is going to be disappointed. anyway, that is my opinion on him so far.

      i do think that Unidoll, has some cutting edge designs and unique sculpts, so good for that.
    2. He's very different, that's for sure. I really like the concept, Strangely, it is not the thrid eye that's my problem, it's more the frown above the other eyelids combined with the com,pleteley relaxed third eye that doesnt quite work for me
    3. I actually like him but I think Unidoll would have generated much more interest in him if they had given him a better default oufit than the red pj bottoms as well as had the claw like hands and those neat wings pictured available to order as well. .
    4. I found the eyes also awkward. I would have totally gone for three red eyes. :/
    5. I love the concept and compared to another 3-eyed doll sculpt I saw a while back (sorry, I can't even remember which company it was, but it wasn't unidoll anyway!), I definitely like this doll more. However, that third eye looks so lazy/relaxed compared to his other two 'normal' eyes.

      It's like... intense glare of doom from his normal eyes, but his third eye is half asleep or something :sweat

      The chains and wings are awesome though, it reminds me of Devil Jin from Tekken. Well, the chains do, not the wings XD
    6. It is terrible that they advertised the wings but not selling them. :(
    7. I would likely turn Akion into a Navigator from Warhammer 40K to go with my Inquisitor, but my priorities are on getting my Inquisitor's props done, so no new BJDs for the moment.

      Since he's not a limited, though, I'll likely pencil out a slot for him.

      - Mel
    8. I agree that the third eye is off in some way but what I can't get past the horns. They look like giant pierced forehead nipples. Maybe that works for somebody's character and all but he'd look better without them. :sweat
    9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's scratching my head over those pierced horns. :sweat
    10. Akion would be perfect for Luken's "demon" alter ego. If he's still available in a year or two, I actually might end up buying him and split him up: his head for Luken to exchange it when I wanna turn him "demon" and his body for the Minimee-head I wanna get one day. Let's hope Akion remains available long enough and Minimee will still be around by the time I'll finally have enough money for the head.
    11. There's also the DBDoll Yelang head-mold but he's a lot more stylised than Akion or Chaim. I really wish that other two had that vertical eye placement, though, it looks more classically 'correct' to me.
    12. Ah, that's the doll head I saw (not the Latidoll one)! Thanks for mentioning it, for the life of me I just couldn't remember where I had seen the doll with the 'vertical' third eye. I agree with you, vertical works for me more than horizontal ^^

      EDIT: I just took another look at Akion's photo to check out his horns and I have to say, I hardly noticed them before, but now that I'm looking at them... they do seem rather strange in where they're located o.O;
    13. oh yeah, those horns? kind of like forehead "nipples" and pierced! yikes!
    14. I had never seen the Yelang one, but i like that one most, somehow the vertical eyeplacement looks mor natural, and the eye looks more in tune with the experssion on the rest of the face.
    15. That's very cool! I won't ever invest in one, but the third eye is creepily cool.
    16. I actually ended up buying the yelang head. He kind of grew on me, but I don't like akion or chaim...they third eye sees out of place for both of them, plus akions expression compared to his extra eye is weird and with the horns it just seems a bit over the top. and chaim sees to happy when his back story is he fell from heaven and became a demon or something like that...although i do like chaim better then akion(hes just to mean looking)
    17. Ah, the mean look doesn't bother me. I like it. Demons aren't supposed to be nice guys. Demons are cruel, vicious bastards. If anything, he looks too nice for a demon.
    18. luvs it - I saw one similar in a face up commission not long ago but a much softer non-demon type look to him. I think it's a great idea and about time :)