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Any info at all about doll parts from Rocket Corgi!

Aug 20, 2007

    1. I'm very interested in this sculpt. I was planning to buy it from Y!JA, but unfortunately the auction went higher than I expected and I didn't have enough money in my SMJ account to bid. I'd appreciate any information at all that might help me track another one down.


      I know it's SD-sized, and in a normal resin. Is apparently compatible with SD parts, and possibly DD ones as well. The auction says it was an "original cast body" purchased from someone about a year ago, but I'm not clear on who it was purchased from (none of the translations I've come up with make much sense). The way it's presented, it sounds like they're talking about a fairly well-known individual or group.

      Any info at all?
    2. Hi Kiyakotari!

      The body was purchased from a seller called "Rocket Corgi". (Don't ask -- I never do. ;) ) I did a quick search and turned up the website here:

      The actual shop itself is here:

      And the body is indeed still listed in the shop:
      The listed price for it is 8,000yen. However it is currently listed as being "sold out".

      They also have listed legs for the body at 9,800yen:

      And shoulder cups for 200yen:

      The legs and shoulder cups are also sold out.

      I would imagine that you could probably get a shopping service like Crescent to liase with them and buy the body for you if they ever decided to sell it again.

      I didn't have a thorough look through their stuff but it appears the last time they offered the bodies for sale was in February. The last 'news' post they made in the shop was in April saying they were going on holidays from April 7th to April 22nd. I'm not sure why they haven't updated since then. The last 'update' to the main page site was info about them participating in Dolpa 17 (May 4th) and the last blog update was May 24th. The blog update mentions that due to personal reasons she was delayed in responding to emails for the few weeks prior to that date, and apologises and says she has responded to all emails. But it makes no mention of her expecting to not be online after that so not sure why there hasn't been any updates since, unless the 'personal reasons' became more serious.

      FWIW, Rocket Corgi appears to be two people, Mia who runs the Rocket Corgi site and Iideru who runs JetCat:
      and I think Iideru actually makes the bodies. Unfortunately she hasn't updated her blog since June 3rd. :P

      Anyway, I suggest keeping an eye on the sites, and if anything changes or appears to get updated post here and get me or someone else who speaks Japanese to translate it for you. :)

      Oh, here's a link to search Y!JA for Rocket Corgi in Japanese just in case someone else might sell one again at some point, but there's nothing listed atm.
      (In Japanese it's ロケットコーギー if you wanted to look for it elsewhere. :) )

      Good luck!
    3. I love you, Cassiel. I couldn't figure out HOW those kanji would translate. Thank you SO much. :aheartbea
    4. Old thread is OLD. Sorry for the necro, but Rocket Corgi has been releasing some new stuff, so I thought this deserved an update. They're currently sold out of their legs, torsos, and (newly-released!) arms, but they do restock them every couple of months. (I managed to snag the arms and torso in their last couple of restocks, and am now just waiting for legs to come up in stock.)

      They also just put some new falsies up for sale! Yep, that's right - now there are resin boob-enlargement cups available for this torso. I laughed so hard, I think I pulled something.
    5. Wow! That's hilarious! XD
    6. Anyone know anything else about Rocket Corgi? I've just discovered these legs and they're amazing. I used to love the crazy legs of my oldskin SD10 Megu, but they're really driving me bonkers now. Do Rocket Corgi still make the double-jointed legs? Resin matching isn't a bother for me as long as the legs pose well.
    7. Their site seems to be on Hiatus right now and it's been that way since the earthquake I think. I've seen them pop up on the marketplace every once in awhile. Twiglimbs made some arms + legs too that I believe fit also, but they're a very different sculpt and use pull-out double jointing.