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Any info on Luts MF/minifees??

Jan 19, 2008

    1. After waiting forever and finally choosing, I had decided on getting Luts Minifee Shushu. And now Luts has discontinued her!!! :...(

      So, I see that Fairy Land company will be carrying her eventually...

      Does anyone know when? And also if they will have the different body options??

      Thanks so much for your help.
    2. from their site. no one knows the actual time yet but i gather it wont be too long ^^
    3. You should wait and see I think. It could be that the wait for an MNF will go down now it's no longer Luts' domain.
    4. Browse this thread which has some answers from Fairyland/Feeple:


      It sounds like Minifees will all be available at the Fairyland site with the same resin shades (Fairylands has been casting them all along). It's just taking them a while to do all of the website changes, etc. No body changes for now but it's a future possibility (probably not near future).

      I mentioned to them that I thought some people would like it if the the small bust torso was always available as an option for the girls.

    5. So am I reading correctly, that the MiniFee's should be (hopefully) showing up on the Fairyland website around the end of January?
    6. They've added mnf's to their site, but only Soo so far.
    7. Can't wait to see if they start adding the pointed ear "elf" MiniFee's! I hope so!!
    8. Where does it say you get a free sleeping head? I can't see it :?
    9. Thanks :) I'm so tempted to make ShuShu my first bigger bjd - how much extra do you think customs will be?
    10. ok here is a good question, now that MNF dolls are being sold by Feeple, should we announce that we are waiting for one, in the Luts waiting room or in the Feeple waiting room??
    11. if theres a fairyland waiting room itd definately go in there - if theres not i suggest making one! woo! :)
    12. :celebrate: :cheer: i love the new lower price!
    13. Does that mean fairyland will keep producing the ruth and shushu mold regularly?