Any info on Rasendou elf types...

Jun 14, 2006

    1. I have seen some around here, and I love the Resendou elves, and I was wondering if people could give me more information on these. 9.9
    2. Well if you mean where to buy them, the company went out of business. Your best hope is auction sites (kanji to look them up with = 螺旋堂), they sometimes come up on Y!J but not very often that I've seen. General information on their dolls and bodies can be found on Gigglegeek.
    3. The company is no longer in business. The only way you can obtain a head or body (other than in the marketplace right now, Ravendolls is selling one of her Rasendo elf heads) is on Yahoo Japan. Pictures of dolls owned by members of DoA can be found in the database
    4. First off, I have a body for sale and you can see her by clicking "Rasendo" in my sig.
      As someone mentioned above, Ravendolls has a cute Rasendo elf head for sale.

      Rasendo dolls are no longer in production and the Japanese artist has since moved on to other things.

      They are a tad primative or unrefined in their appearance, compared to the dolls produced by other doll manucaturers these days. The focus was on a somewhat more bulkier built, with larger joints, hips and chest, though the hands and feet are small and child-like. The facial features and expressions are a bit exagerrated, yet unique in their own way.

      The resin quality has been debated by some. I know that the doll body that I own is a wonderful milky smooth resin yet very solid-like and heavy and definitely a quality resin. Mine is a newer body, so there's a chance that the resin improved over time. The colour is similar to the Volks pure skin or older CP normal skin, in my opinion.

      I hope this helps...

    5. Wow, thank you very much. I'm sad that I just bought a mini and am now broke. I want a head -_- Do you know if there is a resin match?
    6. The resin matches Volks oldskin very well. I had my Aria elf on an SD10 body for a long time.
    7. ^yay, thank you very much

      Aria is now my dream doll <3