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Any news from Cassiel? (new Sato parts?)

Oct 31, 2005

    1. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but has anyone heard from Cassiel lately? She said she'd be going to Tenshi no Sato on the 30th, and I'm desperate to know if they have added other new parts to their FCS besides the new heads. :daisy

      Sorry if I'm too eager... :oops:
    2. Patience! :grin: I'm sure she hasn't gotten home yet from her trip, but she will post when she gets back!
    3. LOL! That's true. :grin: I keep forgetting if she lives in Japan or Australia. :daisy

      I'm just so desperate to see if they've added the swarrico legs (cute sitting body). I sure hope they do! :chibi
    4. She's still in Nagoya and won't be back in Tokyo (and the internet) until late friday.

      I imagine she'll post a long run-down of the FCS then :)

      Very excited!!!
    5. Thanks for the info! :daisy I'm really excited too!! :D