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Any news on Blue Fairy Special Pocket Fairies

Sep 23, 2005

    1. I placed my order through Doya but now she's unable to check her forums or DoA and I don't know what's going on with the order. Does anyone have information about when BF expects to ship out the special pocket fairies with the school outfits?
    2. I believe they'll be taking orders only after September 29th. Shipping starts this day as well.
    3. Actually I placed my order with Doya on July 13th from the Korean site before the international site was even up. So I've been waiting 2.5 months already for my order...not too fun.
    4. Well, there was a 1-2 week public holiday in Korea in August and they just had another 2 day holiday earlier this week. These might have definitely dragged out your order time.

      In a worst case scenario, you could call her. Her contact information is available on the board, which is now up.
    5. I was never able to log in to her board. She tried to help me resolve the problem but it never got worked out. I emailed her a few days ago but no response yet. Maybe something happened in her family and she's unable to check her computer? Has anyone else heard from Doya lately?
    6. I finally got a reply from her last night. I think she has very limited computer time or something. :/
    7. Maybe I'll get lucky and she'll respond to me too. :D
    8. Today is their "official" opening day, and guess what, they've already exceeded bandwidth! Poor Bluefairy they have no idea how long we've been laying in wait ;)
    9. I saw that earlier. I was all OMG WE BROKE BLUE FAIRY!!! :crushed

      They're probably beside themselves about now. They obviously hadn't anticipated the rush. I hope this won't push back the order opening day. :(
    10. They're back up now, if you check. I just registered. ^_^

      I think there was probably a mad rush to register and to check prices when they first went live again.

      Also, they just put up pictures of Kyle and Olive. I can't wait until the 29th! *bounces*
    11. Yeah, I checked back shortly after that and it was back up. ^o^

      Though I noticed that unfortunately they don't have their credit card system set up yet. No Beans for me till they do. :( (Unless that's up by the 29th, then yayz!)
    12. :( It won't let me log in now! :( Can you log in? Maybe I'll check back later or try to get them to send me my password.

      I hope they take credit cards as I want to order ont he 29th too! Where did you see the info on ordering? It seems like most things are down for now though. Yuki so wants a little sister and some friends. *pfs are too too too cute*

      BTW have you seen PFs in real life?
    13. Yeah, it's letting me log in... though it's never let me log in when I use netscape, I have to switch over to IE :barf to log in. It seems to be working fine for me though... :/

      It was in the FAQ under the thing about payment methods...

      No! I keep trying to imagine how itty bitty they must be. I'm dying to get my paws on one. >o<
    14. I don't have IE. :( :( I'm on my Mac and use Firefox. At least I will be home where I have IE by the 29th cause I need to be able to log in and order.

      They're soooooo tiny! I actually really like small dolls. Do you collect My Little Ponies too, or just FeatheryPony *can't remember* I have a picture of Yuki with a baby MLP for scale.

      PF Choco is so incredibly adorable and Yuuta-esque. I think you will so love the new one, I'm tempted to try and afford a second Choco to have two baby Yuutas :oops: but then I think to myself, Peter is so cute and I adore most of the girls.
    15. It says they are all sold out??? Already??? Or are they just waiting til the 29th to show them as available?
    16. I hate IE, but so many sites are made so they only work with it. I'm assuming Firefox works the same on a Mac as it does a PC, and Firefox is bascially the same as Netscape... so I'd guess that's the problem. :/

      I collect a few. ^^ But not nearly as many as Foof. XD I'd love to see the pic! :D

      The new Choco's adorable, but I'm going to try and get a hold of the old Choco's wig. He really won't truly be my little Yuutabeans without it. :( Hopefully someone will want to sell or trade theirs.

      They're not available till the 29th. They've got sold out signs up so people can't order them till then.
    17. I think Firefox is pretty similar on both. I might just get IE for the Mac to save myself the heartache. At the moment even the DOA board is being a bit funky with some of the posts with my browser. ~.~

      The new one has gray eyes like Yuuta :D :D I'm hoping to pick up a set of glass 8mm gray eyes for mine. If you like, if I see the original wig for sale at DS 15 on 10/10 I will get one for you. NDR is having a booth there and they sell BF things. I'm hoping to get some wigs for my PF and some shoes!! (OK and more clothes!) My Choco is the YuuYuu lovechild so he's not quite Yuuta. I'm thinking a MSD F06 or F07 head for him.

      This was my favorite baby pony when I was little, the paint is actually in perfect shape, that's the flash :oops:

      The one prob with the wig is it doesn't like to stay on! :o
    18. OMG he's so precious and tiny!!!! >o< I just wanna squish him to tiny Yuuta bits!! (Give Yuki a smooch for me! X3)
      I had noticed the gray eyes! (mmmm, Yuuta's eyes... :drool ) That just makes him even more perfect. <3 *has been debating on the scar...* >.>

      If you could get me that wig I would love you forever!! I was planning on putting up a WTB in the marketplace after I'd ordered him, but if there's a chance you could find it for me... !! That would be wonderful.

      I had been wondering how well his wig stayed on actually. lol Since fur wigs don't have the stretchy caps. I'll have to make him a very tiny piece of sticky to keep it on him. X3