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Any news on Unoa Quluts 2nd? (pics)

Apr 15, 2006

    1. Just curious to know if there's been any new info on these lovely new Unoa that I shamefully missed. Ever since I first saw them, I've been in love and checking the News section avidly. Heh, I think it's the hooters. :P




      ^Links for more pics to a Japanese site and Blastmilk's journal (hope you don't mind me posting) for anyone who has yet to see these pretties [​IMG]

      I think there was a discussion on DoA, too *searches*

    2. I'd really like to know what's going on with them too. O,o (Not that I have any money... but....)
    3. I forget where I read it, but someone speculated that the next preorder would be for the boys, then these might be the one after, which means it'll be like a year before anyone owns one. ;_;
    4. I hope not. I want a Lusis, and if he sells these instead, I will be very sad. Maybe he'll sell all four?
    5. Yeah, I agree with Brennil... I'm really scared these are going to replace Sist and Lusis. Ahhh, I think I'd die if that happened as I'm waiting for a pre-order to get my Sist so I don't have to pay $1,000 to get one. I just don't have that kind of money. =(

      - Megan
    6. I really like these new girl, especially the tanned one.

      However, what I find interesting is that their facemold look almost identical. The only way I can tell them apart is by their skincolour.
    7. I think I remember reading about these beauties in the photo before. I remember most concluded they were 1:6 dolls rather than mini (43cm). They are truly lovely though... and much more shapely and mature than the Unoa Lights (Fluorite) etc. Though I do love the Unoa Lights as well.
    8. They are 43cm.. ^^ The doll next to them is a Tonner I think, and the magazine article lists "43cm" @_@

      I personally like the current Unoa's better. For some reason, I can see these not being as popular. They look more model/resin kit or fashion doll than abjd.. T_T
    9. that's odd.. cause I like these better then the current unoas.
    10. Wow, then that's great! But if you look at the ankles.. no joints.
      They must be prototypes... *sigh* Araki is a real tease.
    11. I have only one question about this.. XD How they sit? XD I can't see any balls between hips and legs ^^'
    12. I think they have discreet joints like Unoa Light, as Ashbet explained in the other thread. I just love how they are!

      Awww... a year? These might be in the next preorder, or maybe it will be for the boys? But since these haven't been released yet, I'm thinking they might come before the boys. And that means Sist/Lusis would be in 1 1/2 years?

      Oh, doll agony!
    13. For all we know, Araki might not sell these the same way he sells Unoas now. UnoLa was/is not sold via the Alchemic Labo site as preorders, so who knows. I doubt they will replace the traditional Unoa, because Sist & Lusis are so incredibly popular.

      About the Unoa2nd hip joint, they do have them, but they are built a little differently, and the panties conceal the joints. You can just see a shadow in the ring in the sides of the panties. Also I think Choco has flat feet, and Milk has high heeled feet. Araki mentioned in his diary that "the new dolls are not ready yet", and that was a while ago, but after the article that Blastmilk scanned was printed.
    14. I'm anxious about this though I prefer the face of the original unoas better. They look kinda out of proportion to regular 43cms (even the petite ones). If they are minis, I wouldn't mind having Choco though ^.^.
    15. I think Araki chose jointles anckles because he wanted to make these dolls more fashion dolls. I must confess I like the current Unoa's more..but I will buy these new girls iff they ever get released cause I wanna have a tanny girl >O<.. I like the new body just wish they weren't as skinny. And I don't like the faces..they are just not that pretty...In my opnion the Lusis and Sist faceplate are the prettiest girls he's ever sculpted.

      BUT don't worry Araki sensei I will adopt a Choco for sure!!*she might need a sister-->Milk might be adopted by accident too ^^*

      ps:I agree with Bri sometimes Araki makes small heads on big bodies O_O but how can we resist those legs..I draw those legs all the time..never would have believed that some1 was able to sculpt them.
      And I hope Araki will make the anckles more prettier!
    16. i really hope they will realise them soon

      i love their body, *o*
    17. Their names are 'Mocha' and 'Cream'. Just an FYI. :D - A friend saw them at the Tokyo dollpa 15.
    18. this is exactly what I'm afraid of. =/
      I'm not excited about these new ones, personally, they're just too mature for me. They are very pretty, even so. the color of choco's skin is beautiful :)

    19. i second the prototype since they have only a few joints...someone said that they were just featured at a doll show so no one really knows too much about them yet.....they are stunning and im surprised Araki waiting this long to unleash a more mature version of the quluts..
      cant wait to see if he will be making boys as well :D
    20. Might make a good girlfriend for Tae with their head sizes being similar. :D