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Any one have tinies and large dolls too?

Jul 14, 2008

    1. I am in love with the tinies (particularly those that fit into Blythe clothes of which I have a lot), but I have been traveling all over this forum and looking at all sizes of dolls and I was wondering if anyone who loves the tinies has a very large bjd also?
    2. I have mostly tinies (2 pukis, 2 bambis, a Pipos Bao and a Tinybear Coco on the way.) I also have an MSD with another on the way. I have my first 60cm doll coming any day now. I like having a variety of sizes. The tinies can be the most fun to play with, but I love photographing my 16" girl and am looking forward to dressing and photographing the larger girl as well.
    3. I've got 3 tinies (Volks Chinatsu, Bambicrony Elf Kumi, and LadySaiyuki Ted), a mini (Angell-Studio Vera), and 4 large dolls (Angell-Studio Monica, Dollmore Lilis Liv, Volks School-B, and Dream of Doll Lahoo)... With a 5th large doll on the way (Volks Tsuyoshi Maki) and plans to buy a few other tinies (I will eventually buy a Puki, and I'd love to get my hands on a Misty Blue Kumi, if it were reasonably priced). I've also got plans to eventually buy a few 70cm dolls, but at this point, that's a very long term goal. I don't expect to buy them anywhere in the immediate future.
    4. i have 3 tines 2 msds and one 70cm boy, so yep poeple have both. lol.
    5. Does this answer your question?
      Top from left: Lishe, Sooah, Soah, Minimee
      Bottom: Pipos sleeping Baha, Elfdoll Olivia
    6. I have one tiny (Lati White Belle) and one MSD-sized (Dollzone Mo), but I'm considering getting a boy from the Lati red line (most likely L). I enjoy having different sized dolls and for me the size is directly related to their respective ages; the tiny is the little sister of the MSD-sized, while the Lati Red will be their big bro :)
    7. :DOOOOOOOhhhhhh Justkatie179 very, very pretty. This is the picture I am beginning to see in my head, large dolls holding small dolls (very nice:fangirl:)
    8. Thank you!!! I didn't plan on having any tiny dolls, but Olivia stole my heart. Squeeeee!
    9. I have two SD-sized boys (62 and 64cm, respectively), a Yo-sized, and a Puki, with an MSD on the way. I love having the tiny dolls interact with the bigger ones. It's just very cute to see, and a lot of fun to play with. (Pukis make good head goblins for SD-sized dolls.)
    10. Yes, I started out with the large bjd's several years ago. I didn't even know the tinies existed. I recently have purchased two of the Bobobie Charisma dolls, a blue one and a green one. They are so beautiful I just can't stop looking at them. They're both the demon variety but the prior owner sanded off the blue Charisma's horns. She did a good job because she's really lovely.

      So I have seven large bjd's and three medium size dolls and the rest tinies, fourteen of them at last count! :lol:

      justkatie179 your picture of your dolls is lovely. They are all so beautiful. Maybe one day I can get a pic of all mine together. :)
    11. I have everything from 70 cm all the way to 14 cm! I love having a variety of different sizes. :)

      Here is Edward, my Dollshe Hound (70cm), with Oliver, my Wishel (approx. 14 cm):


      Also, Marina, my DollGa Noella (60cm), holding Dove, my Bambicrony Lullaby Elf Lotti (25 cm):

    12. I have SDs, MSDs, YoSDs, 20cm, 27cm dollfie sized. Way to many but I love them all. This doesn't include my vinyl dolls, Patty Playpal, Annette Himstete, Gotz artist dolls, Miss Revlons, Skinny Ginnys dolls. A great many dolls and they are all play dolls. My largest doll is a 37 inch Annette Himstette and the smallest is my Pukisha at 11cm.

      SFC Marti
    13. Big dollies + small dollies = :D
      from left to right: YoSD (26cm), SD10 (58-60cm) holding Leeke D (28cm), YoSD (26cm), Lati White Sp (12cm), Puki (11-12cm)
    14. So many cute dolls! I love seeing the Yo's! And thank you for the compliment, Sybilla! I can't wait to see a pic of all your dolls together. And yah, another pic of Marina, my favorite Noella on the board.
    15. I have two tinies but also three minis and two large dolls. Never taken any pictures of my tinies with my larger dolls though. Of course, I've not counted my OT dolls in that calculation. My larger dolls and my tinies are of completely different species though, there is a reason for height difference
    16. Uhm, yes, and then some

    17. Clochette, what an incredibly beautiful doll family you have.
    18. Wow what a gorgeous family of all sizes!
    19. Thank you...the scary thing is that pic is from April 2006 ;) I have a larger-than-average dolly family, you might say...all sizes except the very tall Hound+ size. I think my tallest is my Yukinojo, who is not towering compared to some. My smallest is my LatiWhite.
    20. I have a few tiny's and also a SD sized girl ^.^ I must say it's that I love my Hye so much other wise I probaly would have been an all tiny owner.

      I now own 2 DD-Anne tiny's (10 cm), one Roxydoll lucy (20 cm) and a lati green grown up lea (30 cm) and a souldoll Hye of 55 cm :D I like all sizes a lot, sometimes I think I have favorites but the favorite then happens to be the doll I make clothes for or photograph XD I think I love them all eqaul. But I'm not sure if I'll ever really get more sd's and I'm almost sure there will come more tiny's XD