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Any thoughts on Domuya D-ONE female body?

Aug 24, 2009

    1. Hello. Are there any Domuya BJD owners here? I am hoping to purchase a Domuya D-1 female body. Does anyone have any pros/cons that I should ask the current owner? It's so hard to get information from the Domuya site.

      According to the site the body is 43cm without the head and about 60cm with the head. That seems odd to me. I believe I am looking at 18mm eyes and 8/9 wig and 8.5cmx3.5cm feet.

      Oh, she has a Lishe head. I believe from Luts Delf model.

      Any thoughts?
    2. I have one of the old Domuya bodies. They are bulkier than some other 60cm bodies so they can't wear all the same clothes, and their feet are bigger. Mine wears boy's shoes. Some Dollheart shoes fit.

      The only thing I can think to ask is if the plates for the arms and legs are included, but anything you need to know ought to be noted in the sales post.
    3. I believe the owner mentioned the plates for the legs. I'll have to ask about the arms. I did notice the bulkier body too. Especially the hands.
    4. The head seem to fit well on the neck, It's my 2cond BJD, so I'm not sure what to answer. I LOVE the fact that the toes on the feet flex so she can wear both low and high heels. Cons, the Flexi-body is not very sexy with short skirts, undies since it has a stockier build...the legs aren't very shapely...so you're basically sacrificing asthetics for flexibillity. Also did I mention...'cankles'? Of course the Lishe head makes up for everything!! Now, can you explain to me what the plates are for?? I have no clue!