Any UK Imda 1.7?

Sep 27, 2017

    1. I want to start sewing for Anne, due in a month or two, but would like to check my patterns work before going any further. Is there anyone in the UK with an IMDA 1.7 who would be prepared to try on a toile, mark any adjustments, and post it back to me? All postage paid, and free frock as thanks once the pattern works!
    2. I could do that if you’ve still not found someone. All my bjds have been packed away for 2 years while we moved but I’ve recently unearthed my imda box.
    3. Thanks Hilarie - I am in the throes of a Great Sort Out myself at the moment, so sewing is temporarily on hold. Can I message you in a week or so, when I have cleared the heaps and boxes from my sewing room floor?!
    4. Yes, of course.