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Anyone bid with Crescent lately?

Sep 29, 2005

    1. I have used Crescent in the past and have a bid order in at Crescent, the auction only has an hour to go and still no bid? I put my deposit in at the same time as my bid order so ... have no idea whats up.
    2. I use Crescent alot, and Masamichi has been a little slow lately. I hope he gets the bid in for you.
    3. I've got a bid going right now with them...it took about two hours or so after I paid my deposit for them to place the bid...a little slow. Hope yours gets in in time...

    4. I usually ask them to bid last minute =P *cough*sniping*cough* Maybe they doing that (late bidding) for you to ensure you get the item? ^_^;;
    5. Thanks!
      I put my order in 2 days ago, and was used to them bidding pretty soon after that so.... maybe they are doing last minute bidding if possible now
    6. Hm, I just bid on something with 11 hours to go about 2 days ago and kept getting outbid so I would raise my bid and they bid again for me within 15 minutes or so.
    7. If I were you I would post a question to him on his website just in case he missed it. I think he has very very busy lately. The questions page will flag him. As far as holding off until last minute, I don't think it's very likely that he is doing that unless you specifically made arrangements with him to do so.

      He orders right away in most cases, but keep in mind his hours are 10am to midnight so be sure to check and see what time it is in Japan.

      I absolutely love Masamichi! He has helped me win many nice auctions!! :wink:
    8. Friday through Monday was a national holiday in Japan and things got backed up for them. I recently won an auction and hadn't gotten an invoice, so I was concerned, I asked them about it and got a response today saying I'd get the invoice soon, and I got it this evening. Hopefully your bid will get in in time.
    9. I just bid on 2 auctions and they were placed almost immediately.

      Hope you get yours, too! :daisy
    10. He's bidding on a couple of auctions for me.. they were placed like a minute after I sent them in. Even my increased bids were put in immediately. This was two days ago. Maybe try emailing him?

      Good luck!
    11. I won an auction with them few days ago ! They placed a bid minutes after I have done the deposit.
      And I often increase the maximum bid, and they respond really quickly ! (that's why I won ! ^^)
    12. I placed a bid with them earlier in the day and it still hasn't updated...but the auction still has two days to go so I'm not worried (yet!)

    13. masamichi said crescent only operates from 10am to 12 midnight japan time, so if you place bid in the middle of the night, they won't be able to respond till the next morning :cow *has lost 3 auctions because of that* :(
    14. Some auctions I had tried with him were blocking bidding services.

      Or there may have been a delay due to holidays.
    15. I also had that experience of having him wait until the end so the bid wouldn't drive up the price. When I asked him, he told me that he had thought my bid was too high, so he was waiting until near the end to place it.

      I have done maybe 5 auctions with him, and I have never had him not place a bid.

      Hope that helps. :daisy
    16. Thank you all!
      They must wait till the end now cause sure enough my bid went in and I WON!
    17. Congratulations!
    18. Woo hoo! Glad it worked out for you!
    19. Congratulation !!!! :D
      As I often says : Masamichi rocks ! LOL :wink:
    20. Ditto!