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Anyone could get WOOSOO?

May 18, 2005

    1. I saw in LUTS site the third and last bunch of CP WOOSOO doll has been sent today -_-u, I could just stare in frustration how that amazing chiwoo version disappeared in less than an hour (my founds were not high enough, and I read the notice of him being sold just yesterday, so no time to plan how to get it AAARGH)

      Someone here has been lucky enough to purchase one? MInd to share their luck with us and tell us more about the future of the sweet boy?

      Thank you so very much

    2. Try a search in the Gallery for WooSoo.....
      I know there is one member that already has one.

      I ordered one through Liria, but he isn't scheduled to ship until the 25th or so.
    3. I can still take a few more orders for Woosoo. Around 5 or more actually. :)
    4. I ordered him! I just discovered dollfies recently and I immediately fell in love with him. I was watching the website like a hawk the other night and bought him like the SECOND it said he was available...(haha really...he was supposed to come out at 10 pm my time, and he didn't show up until 10:14 - so for 14 minutes I was clicking back and forth between the main doll page and the woosoo page... :grin: It was really boring!).

      Anyway, I ordered both heads with face-ups and my special request was to make them look as much like the default pictures as possible...I know that's boring, but I absolutely adore his face-up...he has, like, the sexiest lips EVER...*dies* One change though- on the vampire head - you know how there is a little bit of green-ish color in the corners of his mouth? - well it reminds me of pus or something (gross, eh?) so I am getting it crimson like blood! yay!)

      For now, the regualr head is Woosoo, and the Vampire head is Dantes - perhaps someday they will have seperate bodies? I hate to call him Dantes, since I know there is already a "Dante" woosoo hanging around here sometimes, but I named him that the second I first saw him, the day I found out about dollfies. He is named after Edmond Dantes, the Count of Monte Cristo (I adore that story...I will eventually also have a boy named Edmond and a girl named Mercedes... :grin: )

      Oh crap...I am totally blabbing! SORRY! (Well, hey, you asked about his future....and now you know more than you ever wanted to...)
    5. OOOOHhhhhhh wow! He's such a pretty doll *heavy drooling* I was also checking and re-checking the website the day he was available... just to have the unpleasant surprise in the last second that my bf had a sudden need of my savings-for-dolls -_-u, and my money didn't reached for 110 $ *so sad, so pitiful* Sigh.... well... another time... perhaps.... a....ah .... BWwwwwaaaaaaaaa :cry:

      Have you all a nice day, people ^^

    6. Well which head did you want the most? I seem to remember Doogi saying the sleeping vampire Woosoo head would be an optional part later on down the line. So you've still got a chance to get that one, and I'm sure a few people around here will be selling just the heads. So just keep saving and maybe you'll get lucky!
    7. I hope I'm in time (filled out the orderform yesteday), i've been saving for him and my dollfund just passed $850 :D
    8. Thanks to Lira I get a WOOSOO! Yay! My first big boy! Thanks Liria! :D

      I also got Pris (My Lishe) the new "Belladonna" outfit (No relation to Notdoll Belladonna).

      So that's:

      X1 boyfriend

      X1 Outfit

      Pris owes me dinner and some snuggle time. :wink:
    9. Liria is good to order the CP Limiteds from--particularly special requests, like BW skin. I got both my dolls, an Elf El and Elf Lishe from her. :daisy
    10. Hitomi, wonderful pics!! *heavy drooling*

      The vampire head is so pretty... LIria, I would love to get in contact with you , I will PM . April... you know I'm in love with your Elurin, do not torture me more :D !!


    11. Thanks a lot, I´m trying my best for all of you can see this strange doll... (it seems that a few people could get) If anyone need help please ask me :grin:
    12. Oh, don´t worry, I´ve named him like that because of the writer: Dante Alighieri
      I think this name fits perfectly woosoo so I underestand that you already thought to call him Dantes, an ellegant name for an ellegant doll :grin: [/quote]
    13. Hitomi...your Dante gets much love. lol I can oogle at him while I wait for Ahriman and Varekai. :D

      He just looks so...full of himself. I'm so glad I didn't miss out on getting a Woosoo. Well...the heads anyway. lol