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Anyone Else Buying Their Grail Doll?

Jun 1, 2017

    1. Okay after a lot of deliberation I finally decided that I would buy any more dolls until I secured my grail doll; Spirit Doll's Campsis. I have been eyeing this boy since they released him! He won't "fit in" with the "theme" of my current dolls... but I don't care, he's gorgeous!

      Now that I'm locked into the grail doll process, I'm curious to know if anyone else is in the same situation.
      Did you just buy, in the process of buying (layaway or just old school saving up), or decided your next BJD purchase would be your grail doll. Feel free to respond with pictures of that most desired, elusive doll.

      And now a picture of the 1/2 size $850 beauty...

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    2. Well, I came across the Soom Marl while browsing Soom's website. Unfortunately, this was way after their release so it wasn't possible to buy her. I basically had to wait until I found her second hand (which took a few years) and then had to wait again to find her fantasy legs (which my dad wonderfully bought me as a gift so I wouldn't miss out on them). So a lot of the waiting was just trying to find her and then I did a short layaway (I think 3 or 4 months). She's off getting painted now; I can't wait to have her back.
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    3. That's awesome you were able to find her second hand, it's so hard to fall in love with a doll that isn't being made anymore

      and btw, best dad ever!
    4. Well, I'm attempting to. I've been in love with Volks' F-54 mold since release. Problem is, I have to go through a proxy to get her on the body I want, and the proxy I'm trying to have help me hasn't responded to the message I sent last Thursday. In the meantime, I've also reached out to a couple of personal shopping services to see if they can help me.
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    5. I ordered a my grail, a minifee chloe, back in January and fairyland had some issues with one of their faceup artists getting ill so they had a pretty big delay.

      still hoping she ships soon, this is definitely the longest wait I've had for an order.
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    6. I have always wanted a BishonenHouse Vince sculpt. When he was released it was at a time I couldn't afford him, so I thought I could always find one second hand, or maybe there would be another release. Well, no other releases, and none have ever come up for sale secondhand. Last year I began to seriously start looking at how I could get a Vince. I found one sure way by supporting the artist through Patreon. Well a year later and I should be getting my Vince soon. Such a relief!
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    7. Yeah, I am really lucky on both accounts :chibi My dad isn't super into my dolls but he collects and builds model trains so he understands the love that goes into a hobby and knew this was something I wouldn't be able to find again easily so when I posted about being bummed I wasn't likely to get the funds together in time, he offered to get them for me as an early birthday gift. I hope you get your own grail doll soon!
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    8. I luckily own 2 of my grails, though one is just a head lol. There's Claire, my Marchen Waltz Stella, and that company folded a while back so I'm super grateful I managed to get her:dance and there's my fullset Fairyland pukipuki Cupid. I got him second hand when Fairyland had temporarily stopped taking pukipuki orders a couple years back and I love him to pieces <3 I hope everyone manages to get their grail doll 'cause opening that package is the best feeling!
    9. I actually avoided all temptation (even though it was haaarrrrd because it was during a lot of anniversary sale times ;; ) just so I could save up for one of my two grail dolls to be my first doll-- Volks YoSD Bontenmaru, whose faceup I recently did the other day... I got him just a few weeks ago. <3
      I just did the "old school" method of saving up and selling some things off that I no longer needed so I could purchase him secondhand. :) I'm glad I found one on one of my usual sites, for honestly a really good price. Otherwise he would've probably run me a couple hundred more dollars *_* So it was part patience and part luck, lol.

      I posted a picture of him in another thread for his faceup since it was my first time doing one, but I'll share one here too since you said we could--

      Also, your grail doll is gorgeous, GrakyCat! I wish you luck! :) Those clothes and eyes give me life, I can see why you want him so bad!
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    10. I actually bought my grail back in September and got him in last month. I was lucky because the company decided to revamp the sculpt and bring him back; so of course I was going to jump on that opportunity. Now I just have another grail that I might try buying second hand at some point in time.
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    11. I own my grail! After four years of searching for him, I bought him immediately when I found one secondhand when I had money. He's a Volks F-16 and at the time he was not available to buy directly if you lived outside Japan, I didn't know how to use a shopping service and he rarely showed up on the MP, at least not under $800, which I pretty much never had. I got mine for $600, head and body separate. It's funny because now they're pretty easy to find for a fair price. XD
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    12. I guess my Or-Doll Anderl is my grail? (Don't get me wrong, I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to buy her! In white skin! With open eyes!). My only problem is I see the head as the character I imagined for it from the very beginning, and it's a bit too big!

      But for me, grail is kind of a perfect or ultimate doll (perhaps because I look at BJDs from the perspective of a customizer.

      I'd love a taller female BJD (65cm+?) that came in a sandable tan skintone (anti-UV preferably) with a hip, waist, and chest joint, mobility thigh (perhaps arm and neck mobility joints too), and feet that could bend at the toe. Ooh! And jointed hands that are attached with magnets. Possibly with an eye mechanism, because I like the idea, and removeable teeth. A different body type (perhaps muscly, perhaps broad shouldered or gangly but not underweight).

      Perhaps Impldoll, with some modding help from yours truly, could get close, since it seems their Anti UV tan resins (at least Brown) can be sanded without seams. I hate the idea of losing height by adding a hip joint and/or mobility thigh.

      This doll will never happen, although with hybridization and modding, I'm slowly adding bits of these qualities that I like to a lot of my dolls.
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    13. I'm trying to buy my grail; a Dollshe Saint. I have a very special character in mind for him. The character has only been around for about 6-8 months, but he's claimed a special place in my heart and I would love to have him in doll form. I would even consider selling/trading Alex, if it meant I could get my grail home.

      I haven't secured a Saint to purchase quite yet, but I'm already picking out his outfit (I think he's probably going to have only one or two, I'm not going to go crazy with him) and his wig. Not buying, just looking for when I can buy. But, I've seen items already and gone 'that's his jacket' or 'that's his hat'.

      I already know this boy like the back of my hand; I just need his shell.
    14. I have had three grail dolls that I have brought home over the last ten years. Each time, I did specifically say that is was THE TIME to get that specific doll. No more putting it off, no more waiting. I saved up my money and actively stalked all sales venues until I managed to get each one, not buying any other until I was done.

      It is sort of a nice feeling to be super focused on the one thing. Not thinking, so and so needs shoes, so and so needs a new faceup, I like that doll that doll and that doll, the usual clutter of thinking that goes on with a doll group.

      Also @GrakyCat I really really like that doll so I get the obsession. I will vicariously own this doll through you! :whee:
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    15. Congrats! I have the sculpt on the girl body (Fragrans) as well as Nymphaea. They are awesome dolls.

      As far as grails go, I will probably never buy mine, Conarium Lilith.
    16. I'm so close to being able to buy my grail; a Raccoon Doll Intimate Nana! :love She's not by any means hard to come by (still sold by the company and not LE), it's just the money part that's kept me from having her! I'm a bit over half way there in my savings though, so hopefully it shouldn't be too much longer!
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    17. @ivorysand It is maddening having a character all fleshed out minus the, well, flesh. I do know of two Dollshe Saints in Oriental skin for sale on two recast free Facebook groups. One on the 32S body for $490 (here), and another on the rhythmos body for $410 (here). I think both sellers are good with layaways and/or trades. Sorry this got long.

      @idrisfynn I am going to make my first payment for a 6 month layaway in a week :D you can bet I will be posting TONS of pictures!

      @hannaliten :aeyepop: first time seeing her and she is gorgeous, but yea that price :shudder
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    18. I've finally managed to buy my grail, Lillycat Poulpy! ;3;
      I've been eyeing her since her first release but never had enough money by the time she was on sale. And I wasn't one of those lucky people who managed to get her from Cons.
      So I was super sad because of it. They rearly went up for sale on secondhand or when that happened, I wasn't auick enough to buy one or I didn't have enough money. I was giving up on hope tho :"D
      But then Lillycat made another preorder for her one last time! And finally I was able to get her ;__;
    19. @GrakyCat - Thanks for the heads-up, but I'm already in talks to buy a Saint head from here on the marketplace. Plus, Oriental is a little too dark for the character in mind, and I'm not a current member of the group in question. :)
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    20. I have mine already! Soom MD Amber:


      Pined after her for a very long time. She was unfortunately released during a... very difficult, painful period of my life, and was simply out of the question. Wasn't until a few years ago that I was able to finally nab one for a reasonable price over on the Marketplace. Face-uped by my go-to artist shortly after. Been a dearest companion ever since. <3
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