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Anyone else find it hard to get clothes for YO-sized boys?

Jul 17, 2010

    1. I do. Which is partially why I'm making my boy's wardrobe.

      I guess there aren't many YO-boy owners, because most all the clothes I see in the marketplace and even on some doll sites are for girls.

      What do you think?

      *move if this is in the wrong place please and thank you*
    2. I have this problem too, even though I only own a tiny girl. I tend to like more of the 'street' clothing for my dolls and its kind of hard to find quality things that aren't drowning in lace and frills (at least for me it is).

      have you checked out nine9style.com? They have some WONDERFUL little boy clothing and its very nicely made for the price.
    3. i HATE trying to find clothes for my yo boy. and my girl who i like to have a more "realistic" style. i mosly resort to ken clothes for my little boy.
    4. SweetieMom just confirmed that if you go on the bay of evil and look up either 1/6th military figures or 12" action figures most of their clothing (for the G.I.Joe types or Movie tie in characters) fit. I see lots of pants, socks, plain t-shirts and obvious the military jackets, flight suits and what not. You could always give it a try. I'm "hunting" atm but will let you know if I find anything spectacular.
    5. Just a suggestion, Marsh makes amazing pants in all sizes, and Spampy makes great casual styles.
    6. My boys have tons of clothes-most are just casual styles-jeans, shorts, hoodies, t shirts, etc.
      There are lots of places to find them.
      Spampy, Sharon in Spain, Wee Wardrobe, ttyacom (Etsy), DollinStyle, Wicked Stitchery, to name a few.
      The only outfit I have from the 12" action figure dolls is one from an Indiana Jones doll-the pants and sleeves are a bit long, but the fit is otherwise good.
    7. Actually, I got my Indy outfit from a doll I bought at WalMart on clearance. I never mentioned ebay.
    8. Yeah, most of my boy's clothes are Ken clothes - sad, as Ken has a craptastic wardrobe. Though I find it hard to find clothes for a yo boy that isn't some kind of uber young outfit or too froofy for a boy. There needs to be more Rennassance clothing all around, but some woodsy clothing for boys would be good. Although more modern, casual street clothes would be good, too.
    9. I agree that you see more girl Yo sized clothing because the majority of Yo dolls that I see are girl characters...I rarely see any boys. I know that 90% of my sales are girl styles, even though I have items for both genders. When I see someone carrying around a Yo size doll at a show, it's usually dressed as a girl. But there are many vendors on DOA that make wonderful clothing for boy Yos, as well as vendors on Etsy. They're out there.

      Sweetiemom: That's where Parker's came from too...the Talking Indy doll from the last movie's merchandising. It rocks. He also has a Spiderman costume, Jedi robes, and a Batman outfit. Yay for magnetic hands!!
    10. clochette, I tried to convince my oldest son to give up some of his 12" Star Wars outfits..no luck. I did give him the nekkid Indy. I still need to find a hat for my little one.
    11. I don't have any problem finding stuff for my LTF boys. Diverse Designs here on the MP has a sales thread that always includes stuff for the LTF boys. They update every two weeks. That's how my boys started out.
    12. I find it hard to find clothes for any size little boy, especially if you want period clothes and not jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. I'm forced to make my own too.
    13. @kadepie that's good to know. I'll be sure to check them.

      I just felt a bit "left out" since the girls have a much larger variety and more easily available options. (Good to know I'm not the only one who thought this too...)
    14. Sweetiemom I apologize, I reread my post and I do put words in your mouth. Sorry! What I should have said was, that I was looking on the bay of evil, I asked if anyone here had tried the 12" size doll clothes like for G.I.Joe or Movie Tie ins, and SweetieMom said that she used the outfit from an Indiana Jones figure. I do apologize. Once my guy shows up I'm going to try ordering some of the polo style shirts and cargo pants / shorts I've seen listed under the military figurines. I'll post pictures once I get to try them on the incoming ltf.
    15. Oh, no problem, Leeza~Kat We are going to a toy show in a couple weeks and I will take one of my boys along and see if the GI Joe stuff fits. There is a ton of it in my attic, but I am not going up there until it cools down..
    16. I've found some great clothes for my boys at nine9style and tatas paradise, though I do agree it's much harder to find boy clothes :sweat
    17. Try finding clothing for a Cutie Delf boy! He isn't skinny like all the other Yo-sized dolls so finding clothing is even harder!