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Anyone ever hear of King Doll?

Nov 23, 2007

    1. Hey ya'll, I was stalking Mythdoll again (I suppose they're pretty much dead...shame...) and someone had posted this website: http://www.kingdoll.com

      Does anybody know what gives? Surely this can't be real. :sweat Does anyone have any info about these folks? I did a search on DoA and nothing came up....so....?
    2. Well, the eyes look ok... but it dose seem a little shifty :|
    3. Wow.

      I like the fact that they have pictures of Chii from Chobits and other anime characters for pictures of the dolls.

      Some one should try it and see what they get! :XD:
    4. LOL is this site serious? o.O;
    5. It seems like those measurements are taken from a different site. Because they are all the same.

      Lolz. I wonder if they would even ship out a real doll. :o
    6. What if they shipped out the picture on the website o.O;
    7. It seems preeeetty shady to me I don't think I would trust it...:sweat
    8. Interesting - and they call Rain - the prince, though the picture is of a girl...
    9. Well, I'm not gonna judge them too quick.

      They might be in the process of getting pictures of the dolls. So the pictures might just be to fill space until they can put the actual doll pictures.

      If its a serious site, it seems sorta interesting.
    10. Bizarre. O_o I hope someone can figure out what's going on... I suppose it's possible those are placeholder images but it's kinda shady seeming to post your site without having pictures of the products.
    11. i don't know if anyone has noticed this yet, but there are people purchasing just the bodies of certain dolls in the Q and A without having seen any pictures of the bodies O_o;; sounds a tad fishy to me.

      kingdoll claims to have physical stores in beijing, shanghai and shenzhen, perhaps doll owners living in the area can attest to this?
    12. LOL!! They also have a picture of Sephiroth in there! :lol:

      I had never heard of thise site, and there I was laughing at it ^^;;
      Hope someone can clarify if thye're for real or what ^^;;
    13. I'm sorry...


      But any company that has a domain name yet has a Gmail email addy and uses hotmail messenger, AND advertises both... :doh

      I have to say I would NOT trust them as a business, at all!

      Just not good business practice.
    14. Not much to say until further photos really. But anime characters as doll photos? First time ever for me to see.
    15. Look like a 100% scram to me.
      If you look at the date and time of the Q&A, they're on the same day (minus the bottom one) and the positing times are too not far away (a few minutes apart).

      And did anyone read this:

      So, if you buy a doll from them...they will donate US$1 to the poor children...:? just $1....:doh
    16. I'm so amused that they used St Seiya fanart for Dragon. :lol: Wouldn't trust this company at all.
    17. This sounds very suspicious... I've sent them an email requesting pictures of their "lovely" dolls.

      "Once our service representative received your email, we will reply to it within 48 hours, please make sure that your email address is correctly inputed, so that we are able to reach you."

      Hopefully I get a reply... and if I don't within a week I think it's safe to say it's probably a spoof.
    18. Wow, you guys are so funny. XD LMAO.

      Actually I got suspicious, one because it was using pictures of actual anime characters (and isn't that copyright violation?), and two because it's in China (and isn't it true that Chinese companies have been a bit iffy in the past? Please tell me if I'm wrong cuz I don't wanna generalize :sweat ). Not saying there aren't many many lovely Chinese dolls, but isn't China like...the King of Bootleg? :sweat Not that that's relevant, but that was my own personal judgment. ^^

      Also, the whole "donate to poor kids" thing was like, "Are they serious?! :huh?: "

      But you never know, I mean, maybe the pictures are placeholders.. I really don't know. I wouldn't buy from them, but I just wanted other BJD owners be aware of this place, and legitimize it if it was for real. ^^
    19. I sent 'em an email too. Couldn't help myself, curiosity got the best of me ;3
    20. Very strange... If they really were around since '05, surely people would know about them by now... With so many active searchers in the community, doll companies can't hide:XD:
      But other than that, it's beyond belief that they expect people to buy dolls from anime pictures. I know there are some companies who do "unseen" doll specials, but those are established companies, and you do have a general idea what the dolls look like...
      I don't know... The whole thing, especially the supposed donation seems like a clunky attempt to scam... :|
      Has anyone actually heard back from them yet?