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Anyone ever inappropriately handle your doll?

Jul 4, 2011

    1. (Feel free to move this if needed.)

      Have you ever given permission for someone to handle your doll and all of a sudden they are doing something you find inappropriate? For example, putting your doll into sexy poses, undressing them without asking, holding them by the arm and swinging them through the air, etc.

    2. It depends on the person, the setting, and the people who are around. I personally don't care if someone I joke around with poses my boy as a joke, but random people, heck no! D: It's also not okay if a lot of other people are around. I mean heck, I'm already carrying around a big doll, let's not make it known to everyone in the area that he's also anatomically correct.

      Most of the time people ask. It's -fine- if you ask. My doll's character is shy, but he's still just a doll.

      It's also not cool if we're in a really open, public place. I feel that it's disrespectful to me and those around us if we start making the dolls all sexy in a public place. Don't force other people to see something that might make them uncomfortable, it's rude.
    3. I agree that, for me, it would really depend on the person and who else was around. With some of my friends, lewd jokes and comments are taken in stride, so I don't think it would bother me (given they had permission to handle my doll, and that doll wasn't a childlike tiny), but in some other situations... doll or no doll, there are times and places where sexual comments or actions aren't appropriate.
    4. This is how I feel about the whole thing.
    5. Wellp. I myself am very lewd and so I wouldn't exactly be offended if someone were to put my dolls in "sexual poses" (I've had people go to the extent of licking my dolls before, kind of gross/annoying but it still didn't make me that uncomfortable or resentful). I do however dislike it if some jerk starts flailing them around and forcing their limbs into resin cracking positions. Especially even after they know how special and expensive they are. Uh oh, story below.

      My old psychologist asked if she could see my new doll, my limited tan Goldie. When I handed her over, she started whipping her extremities around this way and that, twisting her head around backwards, and tossing her into the air a little. The doll was wearing her very tight and fragile limited dress too, so I'm glad that both the doll and her clothing were still ok after the little ordeal. I really didn't expect that from a "professional".
    6. I've had this happen to me when I brought my Dollzone Cherry to work and a fellow co-worker (a guy) grabbed her by one leg while she flopped around in the air while he was still holding on to her. I was horrified! :o This doll is a couple hundred bucks $$$ and to see her being man-handled like that made me ill. :barf. From that point on I never brought my dolls to work again. This is one scenario...

      ...on the other hand, I brought my tiny Dollzone vampire boy to Anime Expo and everyone was in Aw of him. They were very respectful and always asked if they could touch him or hold him. It's ironic how in my situation someone that I know totally did not know how to handle my doll with respect while complete strangers were very respectful in handling or looking at my doll. Even complete strangers were diligent enough to ask. UNBELIEVABLE!
    7. Being on DoA, and hearing a lot of stories around the forums, it seems that a lot of people have pantsed their dolls all of a sudden.

      It's never happened to me - and I am not one of those people to do it to someone else - but it is kind of mind-boggling to hear how many people have dealt with a pantser.
    8. Luckily, all my friend and family are total dorks like me and If I ever let them touch my doll all the really do is like... A wave and stupid stuff... like karate... Personally, I would never pose my dolls like that. I don't even like... allow my dolls to be nude... Always dressed... even when it's restringing time.
    9. I was at Animethon a couple years ago, and I was carrying around two dolls, mine (DoD Homme Ducan) and my sister's (Fairyland MiniFee Soo). I was taking a break from walking around, and I had my doll perched on the arm of the chair I was sitting on, with my sister's doll sitting in his lap. This girl came up and start asking questions about them, and then asked if she could pose them in inappropriate positions, I said no, but she kept insisting, and even went so far as to proceed with doing so after I told her not to! I was mortified!
    10. most of my friends that don't understand what they ARE constantly try to grab at or handle them incorrectly. whereas it's clear as day to you and i that we don't simply lift a heavy doll by the head, it seems to be a favorite place for my friends to attempt.
      in fact, i believe only one of my non-dolly friends has ever handled my boy properly without being scolded for being rash.
      a good friend of mine frequently visits unannounced, and when i showed her my doll (upon being asked) she grabbed at his head/neck and i about had a heart attack. he's pretty durable, but i'm over protective, and he's not the lightest. she also has a weird fascination with the fact that he's anatomically correct, if you catch my drift. -_-
      i kinda keep them away from her now. XD
    11. No one has really held my dolls, but I wouldn't like it if someone did it. Even if they're my friend, I wouldn't like it.
    12. All the time. Even I do it. I'm weird like that, so it doesn't bother when other people do it. I do, however, draw the line on doing that sort of thing in public, with children around.
    13. Unless I hand my doll to someone I'd rather they not be touched at all by other people. My boyfriend and friends seem to prefer it that way too; they know where they stand. They're also pretty respectful of my dollies and don't try and pull their pants down etc.

      If a randomer just came along and started posing my dolls inappropriately like the above examples, well, I don't know how you all managed to restrain yourselves from knocking them out! If I told them no and they continued they would get one serious yelling at!! :evil:
    14. I have a taste for limited and expensive face-ups by hard-to-get-a-slot-for commissioned artists, and pretty much any kind of handling of my dolls that isn't with white cotton gloves by someone I don't know gives me a minor heart attack. Especially when I had someone try and scrape at the the face-up off JUST after I informed them who it was by (they wanted to know) and that he just came back from the artist less than a week ago.

      I also had someone grab (without permission - she thought I wasn't looking) another one of my dolls and literally toss him aside on a granite countertop so she could lovingly pose her own doll in the place he was sitting. And then she left, while he was perched precariously on the edge. Needless to say, I picked him up and packed him away right then and never took him to another meet. I also have a certain friend who, while knowing the exact price and importance of these dolls and saving up for one herself finds it perfectly okay to roughly manhandle them and force them into contorted positions. I don't think she REALIZES she's doing it, but still. She tries to be careful, so I forgive her. I just don't let her near my tinies - they seem more fragile to me and she's better with the bigger dolls anyways. I actually trust most of my friends/boyfriend with my dolls, they seem to be perfectly respectful, so it's okay.

      However... Man, I'm planning on trying to get a bigger doll again - two, actually. They'll be partners (one's a god and the other is his um, "favourite priest"). If ANYONE tries ANYTHING inappropriate with them and another doll that I do not approve of, I am SO never giving them the ability to be anywhere near my dolls again. Seriously. Lewd jokes are not funny, they're immature and disrespectful, especially when it involves manhandling someone else's doll who is frequently a beloved character of theirs. I mean hey it's okay if both people are in on it and okay to have their dolls sexing each other up, but it's NOT okay to just do it because you feel like you're entitled to, OR, my favourite, to whine and PRESSURE them into allowing you to do it because lollll your dorrie totarry has the hots for their dorrie and it must mean it's destiny! I've actually had someone attempt this on an MSD of mine whose character was 9 and looked that age too, but I was just like, ew, NOT happening.
    15. Most of the people who have seen my dolls in person have been very respectful. The only time anyone has ever made me extremely twitchy was when I was showing them to a very close friend.

      The doll in question was wearing a pricey and much beloved outfit, and as my friend and I were talking, she started to half-unconsciously rub and pick away at the embroidered lace at the bottom of the doll's dress.

      I tried to refrain from sounding like a neurotic control-freak for as long as possible, but in the end I had to ask her to stop because I just couldn't bear to see Elena's dress molested in that way.:|
    16. I think people are so enamored with the anatomical-correctness because it's so seemly unorthodox for "children's toys". >_> I'll admit it's something particularly "special" about them, but it's not the only thing that makes them unique. If the first thing someone did upon meeting my boy was shanking him within seconds of getting ahold of him, it'd really turn me off from that person. Even with that said, however, that is a bit of an interesting thing about BJD's for those who are new to the hobby. I was having a conversation with a few girls with dolls during the time of which I had yet to see one in real life. Eventually, one of them asked if I'd ever seen a doll peen before; I hadn't and she quickly showed it to me, to which I ooh-ed and ahh-ed. xD I don't believe that incident was inappropriate because 1) it was very controlled and 2) that's not what the conversation centered around. Had that been the first thing she/I had to say about the dolls, then that'd be quite immature and inappropriate.
    17. It depends on the situation fior me. i don't want my dolls roughly handled, but so far, this has not been an issue.

      I don't care if someone wants to see my doll nude, it's normal to be curious and if they just want to check out the sculpt, it's fine.

      Sexy poses....depends. All of my dolls are very closely tied to their characters and most are in relationships, either with my own dolls or with friends' dolls. I have no problem with "sexy poses" with their respective partners, in private. on the table at a restaurant or middle of the mall is off limits.

      The thing that annoys/upsets me most is when someone wants to put my dolls in sexual poses with dolls that are NOT their respective partners. The whole "your doll is hot, mine likes him, I want to do sexy pics" NO. just NO. It's out of character for my doll and if those pix get posted, it looks like my doll is "cheating"...which might be insane to some, "it's just a doll"...but to me, it messes up my character. Not just the sexy poses, but ANY pose that is out of character bothers me. Like...if in character, my doll hates yours, I don't want pix of them cuddling. This goes back to being tied to their characters, as I roleplay a lot, every one of my dolls interacts with other people's dolls and it just seems wrong to have them a certain way in rp and then pix get posted that completely contradict their personality.
    18. I hope it doesn't label me selfish, but my dolls are for me... Unless it's another doll owner, I don't even show my dolls to others. I hide them when children are coming over. I waited for a very long time to buy myself a doll, I'm very fussy about them and don't feel the slightest bit bad about protecting my investment.
    19. I don't like people to touch my doll because I don't know where their hands have been and everyone wants to touch the face even when I tell them not too.
      The only person who's really touched my doll a lot is my dad because I have a DD and when her leg's bolt came loose I was too weak to take her apart. I took off her head so nothing could accidently happen to her faceup.
    20. I can kinda tell the people who would do innapropiate things with my dolls, so it doesn't faze me much if I let them hold one and suddenly; sexual position! All I ask is don't drop them and don't touch their faceups, and I'm good :) If something does happen, it's nothing I can't really fix, because hey, sometimes things happen.

      Now, if they damaged them on purpose, I'd be a little more angry :lol: