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Anyone familiar with the dolls from Doll Family

Oct 22, 2009

    1. I have always sold my eyes to all of you with these dolls and now I have become facinated with them and want one. It will be my first. Doll Family has made me an offer to have their dolls though that is not what I want at the moment. I just want one of these type dolls to dress it, change eyes, hair and such but I wanted to make sure that I am buying something as nice as the ones that I have seen here. Is this a good company? Are their dolls nice...I was looking at one of their 70cm that just looks so beautiful...but to be honest I have no clue as to what to search for in my purchase...I know that I get it at cost/wholesale but I want my first doll to absorb me into this new world.

    2. I have a doll family girl. I have to say I'm super impressed with the body, jointing and posability of these dolls. Though they are largely overlooked in the community at this time. I had a very hard time choosing an SD girl doll. I found most sculpts incredibly unappealing. I finally settled on the doll family doll because I actually liked their girls body and it fit the character. I did chose a male head sculpt (Nuada) for her but I am very happy. I say chose a doll that is aesthetically pleasing to you, don't go for a cheap doll just because it is cheap or you will regret it. As far as quality goes you won't regret the doll family dolls in my opinion.
    3. Thank you so much. I was beginning to think I was choosing a wrong doll company to buy from since no one had answered. I too like the girl body but the boy heads are much nicer to me. Well I muxt say it is time to make my selection on my first.

    4. I have two on the way ATM (Should be home on Monday!)
      I did alot of research for a new male and female body, and found that price wise and similarities to other sculpts, DF were the cheaper option, so I thought I would take a gamble.
      I got a fullset Elsa, as in the photos she looks stunning. I hope she looks as good in person :)
    5. Is there a link maybe? I'm curious now. : )

    6. I'd bought a Family Doll body for a head I'd had & was quite impressed with the jointing & posability. I'm not really familar with the facial sculpts but the bodies are great.
    7. You can order through Catas in Group Orders and save 10%
      Or as previously posted, Ebay.
    8. While I don't have a Dollfamily doll at the moment I researched them extensively and all I've found sounded really promising.

      They pose very nicely, their resin is beautiful and sturdy and their faces have lovely details. I was more interested in their bodies, because I just fell in love with their delicate aesthetic and wanted to use them as hybrids, but from the pictures I've seen and from the nice Dollfamily owners I talked with I got the picture that they are really worth buying.

      Actually right now I'm planning to get a DF mini body for my incoming Leeke Wien head :D
    9. I received my two today.
      They do pose fabulously and there are no seam lines.
      Elsa's face looks abit manly, but her makeup is stunning.
      I do recommend buying these dolls, that's for sure!
    10. I have a MSD dollfamily boy) And I love him to bits!
      I think the resin is fine, but I have issues with mobility, which could be slightly better... And a torso joint would be a great improvement)
    11. Good to know! I've been eye-ing their female body for one of my floating heads. :D
    12. What do you mean by "a torso joint would be a great improvement?" On the pictures their mini boys have a torso joint that seems to be moveable, too :o Or do you mean that they can't bend forward with the torso joint? Oh, I hope not, because if that's the case then my Dollfamily plans have just turned to dust :doh (bending torso joints are that important to Smaug :sweat)
    13. Hi
      I have a few dollfamily dolls
      they are beautiful, you wont regret getting one!!!:D

      I have SD Zero he is shown on their website with red hair
      75cm Chenix stunning
      msd Star soooo cute:aheartbea

      They pose brilliant excellent quailty and look amazing they fit all standard size clothes
      except the 75cm Chenix he is a bit harder to find clothes for - no hound clothes fit him as he is a bit too big for them (fat) so I made him an outfit instead.

      They really are great :fangirl:
    14. I have known for a while that I wanted a girl with a child's body, was looking at the YO but stumbled across the little Dollfamily Miyo, which I have just put on layaway. She's 33 cm, a bit bigger than the 25-27 Barbie sized dolls and I hope will be easier to dress! We'll see. I love her already but she'll have to spend Christmas in the shop and come home in January.
    15. OOPS! That last post doesn't belong here. I searched the Mini mini thread for Doll family discussions and found nothing -- it turned up here. Sorry...
    16. I have Doll Familly Xuan and he´s charming. The pictures on the site don´t do him justice at all.
      I think for the price it´s great doll and I can only recommend the company.
      Just be carefull - they tend to do a dolls with fist hands a lot. I didn´t realize and it is the only thing that bothers me though his hands are beautiful as they are. But I will get him new ones so no worries.
      Also their measurrements are a bit different than most companies so you should be aware of that. Making a hybrid doll with just their body or head might get difficult.
    17. I'm considering a boy to go with my Volks Sara. I don't have any experience with any brand except Volks, so I don't know what to expect.

      Do you have a Doll Family doll? Do you like it? They are substantially cheaper than the Volks boy that I'm also considering. Why?

    18. I retrieved my layaway early and she is absolutely delightful! Nice skin, poses well, darling little face -- couldn't ask for more:fangirl:
    19. I've got a DollFamily doll on the way. Lingfeng/Lance. I'm so pleased with everything I have seen regarding the company, and everyone I have asked about them are really, genuinely happy with the dolls they have from what I have been told. I was a bit worried because of the price (not because they're Chinese, I have other Chinese dolls) because it's so reasonable. I wouldn't have thought about it at all if I hadn't read a few threads on here about people copying other company's dolls and selling them for cheap. I'd never head for DF before so I was wary.

      HOWEVER, from what I can tell everything is legit and wonderful. I am very excited for my doll to arrive. And even more so after reading this thread. Especially hearing that they don't tend to have seam lines! :D That's just a wonderful plus, I already have a DoD doll I need to sand the seams off of. ANYWAY, I don't have my doll yet, but I would still support anyone ordering from this company. ^^ I did!