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Anyone have a BJD tumblr?

Sep 20, 2016

    1. hey all! Not sure if this is the right place, but does anyone here have a tumblr account specifically for sharing information related to BJDs/pictures of them? I recently made a sideblog for them and wanted to be able to post more often.
    2. I mostly post pics of my bjds at milklegsdolls.tumblr.com :) Sometimes off topic dolls are there too, but right now it's mostly bjds!
    3. Yes. I have one for everything regarding my dolls, from wip photos, to photoshootings, to character concept art.
      Mine is http://zirkusdolls.tumblr.com C:
    4. I have one! I post my own dolls and sometimes reblog others. Occasionally I'll reblog other dolls/toys. But it's 99% bjd
    5. I just made one (and will follow all you guys) I made it to sort of not only reblog dolls I think are gorgeous BUT also to document my BJD creation process because I plan to start my own BJD company within the next few years. I don't have much up yet because I just scrapped a project because I was unhappy with the materials used in the first project, but if anyone's interested in my sculpting journey, that's what I intend to do with my tumblr
      Meeks' BJD
      keep in mind though, I just started it yesterday and I'm just reblogging inspirations at the moment. I'll start my process images within the next month. I also plan to document painting my first dolls and seeing how my degree in painting and sculpture hinders or helps my abilities to paint dolls xD
      I feel like all my life I was just meant to make dolls. I've been obsessed with making my own dolls since I was a kid. So we shall see xD That's my tumblr plan xD
    6. Mine isn't incredibly active, but I've got one ^^ Dolls I Guess
    7. Cool, I followed all of you! Thank you :)
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    8. I'm not terribly active, but I've got one here!
    9. Mine is mostly reblogs because my first dollie is still on her way, but sparklegirls.tumblr.com is mine
    10. Mine is my-trash-stash.tumblr.com! It started out as a monster high blog but its morphed into a BJD blog lol
    11. Mine is in my signature. I only post my own dolls, but there are a few other random things too.
    12. Mine is IJTET822, I'm going to say it's 80% my doll, and like the other 20% is reblogs of things that inspire me.
    13. I do, but only one for FreakStyle (in my signature). There's quite a big community on Tumblr, actually!
    14. Mine is jupiter-monarchy.tumblr.com and I've been talking about my first doll project tagged as bjd journey. I also reblog a lot of other BJDs that I find to be interesting at the moment since my first doll hasn't arrived yet. It is my side blog so when following people it will be through my main blog taka-hardt.
      #17 JupiterMonarchy, Oct 14, 2016
      Last edited: Oct 14, 2016
    15. Hi! You can check out my fairly new account. This is the first time I've opened a Tumblr account.

      I also have the same username for IG. :3nodding:
    16. Hi! I have a fairly new account and it's the first time I've signed up in Tumblr.


      I also have the same the same IG username