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anyone have BJD related tattoos?

Feb 12, 2007

    1. i did a search for this and couldn't find other threads on this topic, but if it already exists, or worse, is considered off topic for the forum, just let me know.

      i'm just wondering if anyone on doa has any BJD related tattoos. i.e. tattoos of their own dolls, a generic BJD, or something that is closely associated with the hobby (whatever that might be).

      i, myself, am thinking of getting a sleeve with a nude/bald/eyeless narae languishing in a botanical setting.

    2. I know someone who is getting ball joint designs drawn on her elbows and knees ^^ as in, how the socket looks on a BJD if that makes sense. I'll ask her if has any photos.

      Your languishing Narae tattoo sounds really cool :)
    3. oooh. that's an awesome idea, your friend has. she should definitely post. i'd love to see how it turned out.
    4. I keep telling my hubby that I want to have Grimm's rose tattoo done on my ankle. He used to hate the idea of tattoos, but now he says, "why not - go ahead and get it done if you want". I may just do it...
    5. do it! absolutely!
    6. great idea!I have never seen somebody with a BJD tattoo!
    7. Ball sockets sound an ace idea! I have been considering getting a BJD tattoo recently, something similar to the Elfdoll logo, some sort of generic BJD outline perhaps. I f I found the right design I would go for it (Im covered in tattoos anyway ;) )
    8. EEK! I could probably never commit myself to getting a tattoo of this nature, lol. I have considered, however, somehow giving my doll tattoos matching mine -- I have two red ribbons, one on each hip that I designed myself. :)
    9. That's a very cool idea for a tattoo! I think it would work really well and it'd represent every BJD which makes it more timeless^^
    10. Not yet, but that's a damn good idea. I already have 7 tattoos and plan to eventually have a sleeve on my right arm...a BJD sounds great! I'll make sure to post pics when I get it.
    11. Darkawaii and her boy Kazuki have matching tattoos on their necks, if I recall right..
    12. I'm considering it! But, just what design to use???? An eye? A wig? A little dollfie face? I need suggestions, something VERY bjd related - Alex
    13. Not I, but I know chibikitsune has a nice one of a doll with a wind-up key in the back tattooed on her decolletage.
    14. I would love a great contour drawing/silhouette or something of one of my girls. It sounds kinda goofy when I say it like that, but I've got a great picture in my head. I've got lots of tattoos already so it would be nice to represent my doll-love too. It is something that's been a part of me all my life, so why not?
    15. I'm still fooling around with designs for mine, but I'm looking forward to having one soon. It'll be part of my sleeve & will incorporate other hobbies/obsessions. If, by the time it's done, there's any identifiable BJD-ness in it I'll definitely post about it here!
    16. Sorry, maybe its my age, but I'm finding this thread a little too freaky.
    17. debi:

      it's not for everyone.

      everyone else: fantastic ideas abound!
    18. I was just talking to her about it -sadly, she's chickened out :lol: so, anyone else, that idea is up for grabs I guess...;)

      I think a 'generic' ball joint doll tattoo would look good. I like the Elfdoll design, it looks quite puppet-like to me (as in 19th century ball joint puppets etc).

      Hehe, like Velcrotrainer said, it isn't for everyone I guess. Personally I like well-designed tattoos on others, but I'd hate them on myself.
    19. I've wanted to get 'ball joints' tattooed on forever! :D Well, WANTED to. I don't think I ever will because it's awesome in theory, but I don't think it would translate very well. No matter how realistic-looking and well done, people would be confused by what they were and they would always look strange if you move in any direction other than the intended one... pretty much whenever you move. They'd also get in the way if you ever wanted full tattoo sleeves, etc. I think I'll settle for painted-on temporary joints, for photography. :sweat
    20. That's very true...I'd love to see any photoshoots with painted on joints though, if you do that!