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Anyone have Domuyu Potpourri? ......

Jan 2, 2007

    1. I would love to hear thoughts, see pics etc....I am tempted by her, but haven't seen much feedback info on her. THanks!

    2. Actually same size as Yo-SD.

      I used to have Potpourri and she was very cute. She is very flexible, but sometimes very hard to pose (mostly to stand), since her upper torso part is kinda heavy.
    3. Hi Jackie,
      We have them in our store here in Ohio now, both the Potpourri and Bobo in tanning color.

      If you have any questions, you can PM me about them anytime.

    4. She's actually Candy's Potpourri, but I loved playing with & photographing her... someday i'd want one too in that gorgeously fair skin:)

    5. I really would love a Potpourri, but for some reason the flexing feet sort of creep me out *_*
    6. I had a Bobo

      but wasnt keen on his face , so I sold the head and modded the body so he became a she and gave her a Bambi Croni head .....I love her

      the body is awesome ...has to be the most poseable doll EVER that size can share clothes with Yo and Bambi Cronie
      I have a Yo too ...although the Volks stands better , the Domuya will do anything
      it makes for the most natural photos ...fantastic

      Potpourru looks very sweet ;)
    7. Mine should be here sometime next week..I have seen some fantastic pictures of her, and am hoping she is as cute in person!
    8. What other bodies would the Potpourri head fit? I really don't like the looks of the Domuya body, but I love her little face.
    9. Possibly Bambi Crony? Since Tinybear was able to get a BC head on a Domuya body, it might be possible to do a reverse switch . . .

      -- A :)
    10. Definatly Bambi would suit ;)
      the head size is identical ...possibly a Yo

    11. Were they both white skin? I may have to put my extra Bambicrony head on Potpourri's body and sell her head!
    12. mine were normal skintone Nancy
    13. I LOVE my Potpourri. I named her Sadie and with the help of Tinybear's wigs (I got cherry swirl) she came to life. Here are a few pictures of her.

      Hi Christine,
      Your pictures were the ones that convinced me I really did need Potpourri. She should be here sometime next week from DDE.
    14. Dear Sweetiemom,
      Glad I could help :) DDE is GREAT also. I ordered mine direct only because I requested special pink face up and didn't need a wig so save some on cost. I really think the wig makes the doll!
    15. Oh, she's so precious...She reminds me of U-Noa Sist..I just might have to get her head to share Melodiya's body. :sweat:
    16. I have tons of patterns I designed for the old Ann Estelle dolls that should work well for her, and can adjust them if they are too short. Do you know if there is anywhere that Potpourri's measurements are posted?
    17. She's supposed to fit nicely into Yo clothes - maybe hunt for Yo dimensions instead?
    18. Well, she will be home in a couple days..I guess I can wait until then and measure her myself.