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Anyone have Leeke Chouette?

Aug 14, 2006

    1. I was wondering if any had Leekeworld Chouette? Maybe with the new 2nd boy body? I was wondering what you thought and if you have any pictures of him? I'm thinking about getting him for a friend but thought I would poke out there and ask what people thought of him, since I've never seen a Leekeworld doll in person.
      Oh, and how is there possability? Do they sit up on thier own just fine?
      Thank you.
    2. Bumping because I'm curious too.
    3. I don't have him (I want him though) But I do have a leeke Honey..and the posability is great..slightly kicky legs though.
    4. My Leeke Honey's got kicky legs and can't sit up very well on her own, but I just love her floppiness, I've grown used to it. She can kneel, though. Hope the 2nd body is better and improved. However, that being said, I still love the curviness and cherubic figure of my Honey. I think Chouette normally comes with the 2nd version body either boy or girl. I seem to recall someone here getting a Chouette so am bumping this so we can get a feedback.
    5. I have a Honey with the first body, and she can sit by her own if she just look a little down to get the ballance :) The only thing about the body I don't like is that she can't look up, that is very sad when she sits by my SD doll :/ But she can stand on 1 leg, that is just soo cool xD
      But I'm goint to get a 2nd body for her soon ^^ (And then I'm going to give the first body to a Candy head)

      But to be honest, I don't like Chouette he looks to serius for a little boy, but I love the most other Leekes and I will sure get more of them xD
    6. Katia - My Honey's head can now look up after I tried to loosen her string to see if she'd sit better. The S-hook came off, I almost had a heart attack since I've never done any stringing. Anyway, I hooked it back but not the way it was because I don't remember how, so I just hooked the loops onto it. Hope this makes sense. Sorry, if this is a bit OT.
    7. Did you find what you were looking for, Miki-chan?
      If not, here's a bump. ^^
    8. Thanks Achsfan, no one's responded about him as of yet.....
    9. I'm getting a boy-joy with the second boy body. I'll let you know how its like when I get him. It might be a wait because I also ordered some of the reservation shoes.
      I love my leeke girl, but I ordered the second girl hands because the spread out default ones can be hard for getting some clothing on.