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Anyone have Puki pukisha Basic?

Aug 24, 2009

    1. Hello :)

      If anyone have Puki pukisha Basic, can you please show some pictures?

      Thank´s in advance :)
    2. Here's Kitty in a Halloween costume: [​IMG]
    3. Yep, and I customized the poo out of her:


    4. #4 vicemage, Aug 25, 2009
      Last edited: Jul 8, 2017
    5. Here's mine ^_^

    6. Here's my Frosty with his sister Willow (they aren't basics, but thought you might like to see them:
    7. My basic Kitty

    8. my pukisha has had some changes
      so he started real sweet and I am sure he will change now and then:)
    9. Thank you for all the lovely pictures!!!
      They are adorable :)
    10. There all so very cute !!!! Mine will be here soon i can and i can't wait to hold her.
    11. I love my pukisha's. I like the other scuplts but no were NEAR the amount I love the pukisha's. I want to have an entire pukisha army! lol we should have a straight up pukisha thread! lol
    12. Hi I have just discovered pukisha sculpt, I love the whole animal human blend thing and liked these little lovelies. :sweat

      Where do you all get yours from? I found some at Denver doll emporium and at the fairyland website but they are all full sets and I only want a basic to play with. Preferably with no face up so I can really go to town.

      I would like two as they are just so cute. :aheartbea have to start saving again.

      I am a very new noob so any advice, help, small acts of kindness are very much appreciated;)