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anyone know anything about this Psyche X head?

Sep 4, 2006

    1. I've checked that site before. Now the gallery pics don't seem to work.. or maybe it's just me. But he's really gorgeous *should've save the pics*. All i know is that he fits on hound's body (or.. he's made for hound's body) and he wears 14-18mm eyes (lol, im just repeating what's on the page)

      And yeahh.. i'm actually the one who won that auction *please don't hate me.. i know there were a lot more people who were bidding at it during the last half hour* It was reallllyyyy scary. I was shaking and was close to tears (yeah, i'm such a wuss TAT). And that ebay account isn't even mine so i had to get the pass at the last min.

      Anywho, I'll be sure to post pics and investigate him when he arrives. Probaably late Sept O__o?
    2. OMG!! He's very handsome!!
      I've never heard of this doll company before!
      From now on, I'll keep my eye on them
    3. congrats ShaRooN! no hating as long as you promise lots of pictures when he gets here! :lol:
    4. Ooh, I really like the one on the right in BW. :daisy:
    5. I'll be sure to post lots of pics then *hugs and dances*
    6. I think it's just the photo, from what I've heard he's only made in Dollshe normal skin tone.

      Most small studios like this one only make their heads in limited quantities.

      I like him. :aheartbea
    7. haha i know why georgia likes him! he looks like Woo Yan!
    8. Mm? Hound-size optional head? Groovy. I like him, but don't plan to have a body that big...
    9. Did he arrive yet? I would love to see some photos.:aheartbea

    10. I have one on the way also! ;)
      He was mailed on Saturday, so he should arrive this week, but I don't think I'll have time to give him a faceup for a little while, and I don't have a body for him yet. :(
    11. oh that's so exciting. congrats! if you have time even pics of a blank head would be cool. it's hard to get to know this guy when there's so little on him. :)
    12. Hey, the same seller has another one up on ebay if someone wants it.

      I'm watching Bleach again. With some angry orange eyebrows I think it'd make a nice Ichigo...
    13. However it is used and has some damage to it. Too bad...
    14. Is the maker still selling them on their site? The price seems to be a lot lower than what the ebay seller is asking, if it's the case that they're still available.
    15. Ah, I'm a little curious about the Psyche X, but I've searched and searched and I've found photos and one possible company link (http://psyche.zc.bz/), but the webpage just says "renewal" (down for maintenance?)

      I don't see Psyche heads being sold anywhere. Are they discontinued? Taking a break? Indefinitely suspended (like Shuen's dolls? *sob*)?

      Please help~ Thanks in advance :O
    16. The Psyche X heads were produced for a very short period of time in a limited quantity. I'd be very surprised if the Psyche ever makes them again. Some members in the Korean doll community pretty much slammed her and accused her of copying Elysium's Hugo head to make X. I've seen both heads side by side and I just don't see any similarity at all in the sculpts. I think it was hearsay that turned into a lynch mob. Same thing happened to artist Kanon in Japan when she made her Louis and Yui heads. People made her life so hard in the BJD community that she stopped sculpting heads all together. :(

      I haven't seen one come up for sale second hand in a while, but they are out there.