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Anyone know Company that offer double joined MSD body?

Dec 27, 2007

    1. Well, I'm looking for a double Jointed MSd girl Body for my ANI. Originally.. I wanted LUTS. Since They made ANI.

      But now that i saw the REAL SKIN body in real life. I don't think it will work very well with the old ANI i had.

      I got her before they developed REAL SKIN body. So the Resin doesn't match, also, her head is bigger, heavier.

      Any suggestion? i want a double jointed so she could pose better.

      That's about all she can do with her durrent body. i'm not very happy with it.

      I want her to have the ability to pose like this.

      please help?:sweat
    2. You could always try a Volks MSD body, since their pureskin resin is a lot closer in color match to old normal skin CP resin.
    3. I don't know if it matches but Dollmore has double jointed elbows on their MSD size dolls and Souldoll has mature MSD double jointed bodies.
    4. timchener Wow.. really? do you have any picture of it?

      Wow.. considerable.. Do they sell the body itself though?
    5. There's also many people who can do mobility mods on MSD's to make them much more posable - but I'm not too sure who'd be able to do it personally...
    6. I'd love to hear more about "mobility modders", especially if there's a lessening change of double-jointed minifees.

      DM MSD - arms are double-jointed, which is nice, but the leg stringing leaves a lot to be desired. The legs tend to pop into a full 90-degree sitting position because of the long slot in the back of the knee, but the knee "ball" doesn't connect very much at all with the upper section once it starts to bend, so glue sueding doesn't give you much help at all. Wiring is the way you have to go if you wanted leg-up-a-little-bit poses while standing.
    7. First you have to find out what matches CP/Luts/Delf Normal Skin resin. You may not have an easy time because many of the companies have changed resin color in the last year or so, many of the new resins are quite light, and CP normal may be darker than any double-jointed immature female bodies currently available. And if you go to older bodies, they are usually not double jointed.

      One place to look for resin comparisons is here:

      If you find some matches for normal CP, find out if the company they matched still uses the same resin color and if they sell the type of body you want.

      One other option is to go mature and get a normal skin Luts Minifee body. Ani is one of the KD heads that looks pretty cute on a Minifee body. The Minifee bodies still use the old resin colors (the shade may vary slightly since vaius Luts resin batches sometimes do not match exactly).

      BTW - what doll is the second one you showed? Does that resin match her?

    8. The MSD bodies only come single jointed. But the SDC bodies have a better range of motion due to being slimmer. The SDC female body is a great little poser ^^
    9. EhrynThanks for the information ^^ I don't know, I'm not very comfortable with sending my doll out.. i get freak out too easily. XD
      hobbywhelmed Yeah. I noticed about that too on their pictures. but it could be considerable.
      Carolyn.S Thanks for the info. Yeah. it'll be difficult to match up. The second doll that i showed is actually BORY from Luts. it had the REAL SKIN body. The resin is actually lighter in both colors and weights. That's why i thought t wouldn't match the old ANI very well.
      babytarragonmay i ask what's SDC?? sorry. i don't know much about doll built.
    10. aibakaneko, I'm gettin' my SDK (souldoll Soulkid) Ahee, and she has a double-jointed body. I'm not quite sure does Souldoll sell that body separately, but you can always ask. :3 And I guess that Ani would match pretty good with the resin color, and if not, you can consider of bodyblushing, right? Hope this helped!
    11. Super Dollfie Cute. You can search for 'Kaede' to find pictures of them!

      Kermit: Do you mean SDK? SDC is made by Volks not Souldoll ^^;
    12. Kermit OOo.. very helpful.. But doesn't seem like they have optional part for the body. I"ll keep my eyes open for the Selling List

      babytarragon Ooooo.. Super helpful. i might have to pay a visit to VOlks LA
    13. It's worth noting that you can't buy SDC bodies on their own, and the SDCs have only been released as limited dolls. There aren't any standards. So I doubt Volks LA would have any unless they had some on display for some reason.

      Edit: It also looks like Ani is in stock at Luts in the new resin, so getting an entirely new Ani with a realskin head and the new body is also an option. (It actually seems like it would turn out less expensive than some other possibilities, too -- I'm pretty sure SDC girl bodies go for more than it would cost you to get a new Kid Delf).
    14. You could also mod the current body to be double jointed.... there was a tutorial about that here somewhere but I can't find it now, maybe you could search for it. ^w^;
    15. hmm... well. You know it's one of those thing.. she's my first doll. I wouldn't giv her up that easily.. so i rather look for a new body than a new doll. XD
    16. LOL! I'm well familier with what contankerous standers those DM brats are!

      The new Souldoll bodies look like pose amazingly though!
    17. Ah, you're right. My mistake. ^^,
    18. Dream of Doll new bodies are double jointed and VERY poseable, but sadly, I think the skin tone wouldn't match. Someone correct me if I'm wrong...
    19. For me it seems that the new Dream of doll body is double-jointed from just the elbows.
    20. So so far i got Souldoll On my list.. Since chibaraki said it will be difficult to obtain VOlks double jointed.. i guess i have to give that up.

      any other company suggestion?