Anyone not into anime, but into BJDs?

Aug 19, 2009

    1. I take my kids to anime conventions and just walk around and around with them. I rarely buy anything for myself. But when I go to Doll North, a separate building that hosts bjd sales/services within the anime convention, that is when I perk up. I look at it as something for them, something for me. Even if I just look around, I still enjoy myself.
    2. I'm only into one anime (future diary) and I love dolls!
    3. I'm not into anime as much as I used to, heck, the last anime I watched was in 2014, but I sure do love my dolls and I still hold anime in high regard.
    4. I was into anime and manga well before I found out about BJDs, so I'd say the two intersect pretty heavily for me. Heck, I even have a complete set of the 2000-2001 12in Sailor Moon dolls, so there you go. Actually, I can't imagine being into Dollfie Dreams, or other anime-esque dolls, but not being an otaku. That would be a strange disconnect for me.
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    5. I'm into anime and BJDs, but I definitely don't think you should be shunned for not liking anime or that you can't enjoy BJDs or be in the hobby because you don't like anime. That would be silly, you can like and not like whatever you want :)
    6. I used to love manga and anime when I was 10-15 but then I got more into videogames. However there are plenty of companies out there who make rather realistic looking dolls which look nothing like anime so in my case I love BJDs but am not into anime anymore :)
    7. Same. Not into anime. I love to see dolls like from SQ Lab but there not for me. Like the more natural or slightly different like the Doll Chateau dolls :)
    8. That is the great thing about this hobby you can focus on fantasy, steampunk, modern, anime or whatever your heart desires. I am into Anime but I don't feel it is a requirement. Just like you could be a writer and make a huge long back story to each doll but it isn't needed.
    9. I really agree with you.
      I got into BJDs because of my interest in fantastic characters and role playing, but I've only seen one anime in my life and it was in the last month.
      In the beginning of the hobby it seemed to be more close to asian culture (they are ABJDs for something!) but from a long time ago you see fantasy related dolls like Lati's elven and vempire themed ones. And that's just from the company point of view, because owner pictures say a lot more of how diverse styles - and interests - can get.
      IDK if I explain too well, but I think dolls speak for us: there's dolls that are very anime related, dolls that have modern styles, historical styles, fantasy themes of all kinds. And they are the reflection of what we like.
    10. I used to be into anime but I don't follow anything anymore and it has been a long time. I was an anime/manga person for a long time starting from middle school but by the time college ended, it was like an end of an era to me. I got more into my doll collecting and my crafting obsession. My teenagers watch as well as my nieces and nephews but I just haven't had anything grab me to tempt me back. So I am not into anime (anymore) but into BJDs.
    11. I actually realized that some BJDs have this connection with anime years after I was introduced to the dolls--through Pullips, in fact.

      Pullip started releasing dolls for Black Butler and that hologram singing group thing. I liked one of the anime releases because it had an open mouth (even then I was a sucker for them), so when I googled the Pullips, I found Dollfie Dreams meant to resemble the same characters.

      Significantly later, I realized DollIOS also released dolls sculpted to look like anime characters.

      I'm not terribly into anime--or comics/comic book cartoons really, although I did watch Avatar and Teen Titans with my sister. The only anime I read in it's original form was actually a remake of Romeo and Juliet (with all the lines from Shakespeare). I also read the book (not manga) version of The Boredom of Haruki Suzumiya.

      I liked the concept for the story (is the girl a god, an alien, or just a weird girl?), but I think I would have enjoyed actually reading it better if I had been more familiar with anime/manga in general--it kept referencing anime tropes (the girls dress up in bunny costumes), and it made me think these were supposed to be jokes, but they weren't funny because I didn't understand them.

      I guess I have to be evidence (although an n=1 anecdote) that it isn't necessary to like anime and manga and be into BJDs. I know absolutely nothing about it and still manage to have 13 dolls!
    12. I really don't know anything at all about anime. I began collecting BJD as an addition to my older doll collection.
    13. I do love Japanese culture. But I'm not really huge into anime, or manga. In fact, there's only about one or two anime I could say that I like. One of them is just a movie based on a game, and the other is an anime series based on a game series (I'm honestly more of a gamer- I collect a ton of games).

      I don't think liking anime or Japanese culture is a prerequisite to collecting BJDs. Besides, BJDs are made by more companies than just Japanese companies anyway :)

      (There are Pullips of the single anime/game series I DO adore, though. So I do want to get those sometime... hm.)
    14. I like anime/manga like Sailor Moon, Fullmetal Alchemist, and some old ones.
      But I'm not into anime nor manga anymore.

      Of course I go to Akihabara, to buy BJD goods and tools only.
    15. I've always thought I'm the only one who's not into anime and manga. Just not my stuff. I don't like the manga looking dolls either. I love realistic looking dolls. Just love to look at pictures of bjd dolls when you really have to look twice to be sure they're dolls and not real people. Wish I can take pictures like that someday myself.
    16. I really like anime but I'm not into the anime style BJDs... if I want something anime, I'd prefer to buy a solid figurine, and I like the more "realistic" stylised proportions for my dolls, not the anime style ones.
    17. its actually so weird, im into dollfie dreams (anime dolls are my preference) and i think anime grills are soo cute but im not an anime fan. i used to be super into anime when i was a preteen but now i cringe thinking back of some of the animes i watched :( thats not to say that there isnt any good ones though ofc. im just kind of turned off to the stereotypical animes and how the characters act in them, plus the melodrama.

      maybe i just havent watched the good ones. i wouldnt mind getting into it a little bit.
    18. I don't think BJD and anime appreciation go hand in hand from either direction. My partner loves anime, watches Crunchy Roll non-stop. I've tried and never gotten into it. He also likes manga and comics and I've never found any I could really get into either. I'd rather read a book. He thinks me ordering a BJD is crazy. Although he keeps making references to the Chucky films, so I think his opinion might change when my BJD arrives and it's not possessed by an evil spirit.
    19. well, i think the reason why a lot of manga/anime people are into bjd is because they get a lot more exposure to the dolls through the hobby. for instance like me. if it weren't for the mangas & magazines & conventions, i wouldn't have discovered bjds, or at least learned about them a lot later than i did back then.

      but then, i am not into dolls because i am into manga. the love for dolls have always been there. manga just helped me to discover dolls that go beyond the factory made products.
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    20. I’m not. I’ve watched a few and read a couple of mangas but I’m not a big fan, it’s just another genre.

      I’ve nothing against anime, and I’ve enjoyed some of them, but I prefer other things.