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Anyone notice a size difference in Luts CP Delf boys??

Dec 7, 2005

    1. I'm confused. I recieved my Chiwoo yesterday. I know that all the CP boys have the same body, right? Have they changed the mold recently? I recieved my El in June of this year and he is much smaller and slimmer all over than Chiwoo.
      I lined them up with their feet along a wall and took this picture. You can see that the arms are longer, the upper thigh piece is longer (from knee to hip), and the torso is also taller. When standing he is ALOT taller than my El.
      He also feels heavier and "chunkier". His torso feels much bigger. His shoulders are even wider. In fact after playing with him yesterday I picked my El up and suddenly he felt so slender and frail because I was used to how Chiwoo felt. Has anyone else noticed this with their dolls?


      This is the two of them standing barefoot and back to back.


      I just want to clarify that I am not unhappy in ANY way. My Chiwoo arrived within two weeks of ordering and his faceup is amazing. (And I normally dislike default faceups.) His resin is beautiful also. I couldn't be happier! I am just curious about the differences.

      Edit: I measured my boys to find where the differences are exactly. Here's what I got.
      Chiwoos forearm is 1/8 inch longer than El
      His lower leg is 1/4 inch longer
      The body from top of neck to foot is 1/2 inch taller
      El's body (without head) is 20.75 inches tall
      Chiwoo's is 21.25 inches
      With their heads on
      El is 24 inches
      Chiwoo is 24.25 inches
    2. hmmm odd, how tall is your Chiwoo?

      I'll try to compare it to mine, I go him last week.
    3. That's very odd... o_O It may be a while before I get my new boy body, but I have a Chiwoo from a year or so ago...

      That last picture looks like.... Uwah! look out Tsuzuki-san, Hisoka-kun had a growth spurt~~~~!!!!! >w<;;

      Hisoka: Now I can beat you up for doing stupid things -_-###
      Tsuzuki: .. eh? ;_;
    4. *lol* I actually said yesterday in my "new doll high" (which is like being drunk I think) that it was like some "bad AU doujinshi" where Hisoka is the big bad seme and Tsuzuki is a frail little wimp! XD
    5. Bahaha XD

      I kind of hope someone will make a Yder into Watari TwT OR at least just cosplay.
    6. Wow that's really interesting! I wish I could tell you more or answer your question, but I don't have anyone to compair my boy to.
    7. huh... interesting. I'll let you know if I also experience the same thing as soon as my new boy arrives. My El is over a year old... =x
    8. I don't have two CP boys, but I know my El's head is smaller than my friend's Chiwoo. At a meeting we tried lots of wigs and the DW-01 didn't fit Chiwoo, but was perfect for El. o_o
      About the height I can't say anything ^^;
      I dunno why... maybe Luts molds are not all the same size?
    9. Well, Lelie, Chiwoo has a HUGE NOGGIN XD; I love him XD;

      It's possible that one of the mold sets used to cast was getting old and shrinking (silicon-based molds will shrink after a lot of use) and then they replaced it with a new one which was the original size..

      .. but frankly, that seems a bit odd, if you ask me. And given the fact that they haven't announced a change in the height of the boys (it's still 60.5 cm, IIRC) I'm really not sure what to think, now @@;
    10. o_O Their height do seem different... Still, your Chiwoo is so cute <3
      I don't knwo much about CP dolls so I don't have much to say >_<
    11. Whoa, there's quite a difference. o.o That's really amazing. I'd love to see a bunch of CP dolls lined up together to see the variance in skintone and size. ^^

      By the way, your boys are so handsome. &#9829;
    12. WOW! :O That's crazy... I would've immediately assumed it was the huge Chiwoo melon head that did it, but wow, that's really the body. Crazy. Maybe it has something to do with the new resin they're using? Or like Shadrad said, the mold shrinking thing... I've noticed this happening with Souldolls, I was curious if any other companies had this "problem" too. All my CP boys bodies are the same size... Curiouser and curiouser...

      Aside from that. Omg he's adorable! His faceup is precious and I love his eyes. Such a cute Hisoka. Is he normal skin? He looks so light. I know they're working on the resin color thing, I wonder if this will be a more standard color for them.

      I think someone ficced that once... XD

      None of my boys are new, but you can see that mine are all the same size and resin differences for them here: http://www.obsessive-compulsive.org/dolls/DelfsResinComp.jpg

      I'd love to be able to compare Kurosaki to my boys... *.*

      You know, you're making it harder and harder for me to resist the draw of a Muraki doll. >o< As it is I'm thiiis close *holds fingers real close together* to making my Vamp elf El into Terazuma. :cry:
    13. Heh... my Delf Breakaway might end up as a Muraki. :)
    14. OMG he would make the perfest Terazuma! If other people make Yami characters there just has to be a doll meet so we can have group pics!
      And he is normal tone. He photographs alot lighter than what he is though. I think it's because he does have a rather pink tone but it doesn't show in pics thereby making him just look pale.
    15. I will avidly stalk him if that is the case! ^_^
    16. You know, speaking of Breakaway, it said he'd come with a limited body, but nobody seems to know what that means exactly. I wonder if it means a taller more muscular body, and somehow your Chiwoo ended up getting a Breakaway body?

      This is only speculation. I've no idea what the Breakaway body is like. XP But if it really is different and there was an accidental switch (since your Chiwoo is newer too) it might be an explanation...
    17. I asked about the Breakaway body on the Luts boards, and Sean mentioned in his replies to both myself and someone else that the Breakaway body is actually the standard boy body. I didn't want to be rude so I didn't ask why the heck it was in the description, then. ^_^;;
    18. I just added some measurements to my original post. He is indeed taller and I measured the body without the head. I know Chiwoo has a bigger head but that is not whats causing these differences. His arms and legs are even bigger around! I'm still confused! I want to ask Luts about it but I know they are busy and it doesn't bother me. Maybe after christmas when it's less busy for them I will ask.
    19. Makes me wonder what my DELF's skin looks like compared to others. ._.

      I have a friend who would die for a Muraki doll. She's been obsessed with him for years. x'D
    20. *waves goodbye to her theory as it flies out the window* Well, that at least answers my curiosity about Breakaway. XD Thanks, Fukurou!