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Anyone own a UniDoll? Review please

Sep 25, 2006

    1. Am loving the new girl elf. Anyone who owns a Uni Doll, I'd love to know your thoughts. Resin, faceup, body behavior, etc. Thanks!
    2. I think zagzageal owns a unidoll elf guy. :3
    3. I have the elf 'man' as he really does look older, to me anyway. The resin is very nice and has a similar look to french resin, sort of glowing and translucent. He was a bit more orange than I had expected, which makes him stand out from the others. Sort of an unusual tan in a way. He is only as tall as my girls, so I try not to put him next to one of the tall teens...but he is over 300 hundred years old, he has shrunk a bit. :) The face up is very nice and I think the eyebrows are my favorite. His default eyes are very striking, red with flecks in them. He has sort of a stern yet soft look to him. I don't see him as angry, just very serious. He stands right out the box and without bulky clothes poses well. Raven is wearing several layers and so he isn't interested in bending his arms much, (very thick jacket), but his hands are sculpted so he can hold things like his sword and gazing ball. Unidoll packed him very well and included a cute blue bathrobe. Apprarently, elves don't like to travel without their robe. ;)
      Happy to answer any questions if you have more.
    4. They have amazing locking knees so they stand like a rock! Well they do fall but usually when pushed or shaken. Or when the cat steals their wig. But just left alone they don't really fall over. The arms are a little heavy so it's pretty impossible to get the arm to hold in a straight out forward position. But I'm sure wiring would fix that.

      The resin is a little yellower then the pink shown in their site images, but it's not like neon yellow, tho sometimes a bad camera(*cough*mine*cough*) will make the skin look REALLY yellowy orange, it's really a pretty dark creamy colour in real life. Slightly darker than other companies normal resin but not like OMGsuperdarkyellow or anything.

      The head is a little small, but not unproprtionately so, just take note they take 14mm eyes and 8-9 wigs. I don't know how they compare heightwise to other dolls because UH-08 is the only SD I have.

      The faceup. Is Gorgeous. It's amazing. The lips, eyelashes, everything. The UH-08 eyebrows are kinda demonicly arched, but still painted on amazingly.

      And mine came with a second set of hands. One set with fingers together and one set with the fingers seperated.
    5. This has been helpful. I'm liking the boy elf but want a girl first and keep looking at the new girl elf, she reminds me of a nicer looking Ryung crossed with someone else. Have not heard of Uni so before I plunk my $$ down I wanted feedback. Honestly, I like the look of all the Uni dolls!

    6. Can one of you please post a "real" picture of your elf guy? Appreciate it!
    7. aslo not to jack the thread but how does the uni doll resin match up to domyua resin (flexi body)
    8. There are a number of owner posts/pictures with the Unidolls, Zagzagael and StephG also have UH-08, but there is also a UH-05 and a couple of UH-13s on the board.

      I've got the elf girl UH-14 and UH-13 ordered. I'll check the resin against the flexibody I have and let you know.
    9. I have the unidoll UH-08, the "man" elf. What a perfect description as he really does have an amazinlgy emotive face and it can truly carry a lot more of a mature look than, say, my El Elf. He's gorgeous and my boy's resin is not orangey at all, I wouldn't say it's pink, but it's a nice shade of...what we in the dollery innacurately call "normal skin tone." ;)

      His body sculpt is very reminiscent of a long-legged SD13. Sturdy and heavy and proportioned well. He's got a nice, svelte look to his build. And he poses well and holds a pose nicely.

      Unidoll was absolutely a dream to work with - extremely professional, the best shipping I've ever seen from a company. The eyes and wig on the site were included along with a surprise clothing gift. I didn't have any sort of email correspondance from them, but the site was updated as to when my box was shipped and the tracking was made available.

      I'm curious to hear more of this yellow/orange skintone issue, though.

      But overall, I have said it before - there are several unidoll threads here, in the database, and in the gallery - my elf's face-up is easily the nicest face-up of any doll I own. It suits the mold perfectly, is fantastically well-coloured, the eyelashes are insanely thick and well placed and the eyebrows are just unlike any other stock eyebrows!!!

      Good luck with your decision!


    10. Whoa - he IS gorgeous! The company faceup looks so different in a "real" pic which is why I wanted to see one. Was just going to order the girl but since I'm partial to the boys may have to get him first since he's been out longer and hope the girl is still available in a few months. Thank you so much,you've been very helpful.

    11. This is how yellow my camera makes the resin look, which is way way way not how it really looks but how my camera warps it. Crappy camera equals bad coloring. Also, a nice profile for you.

      Here's an image I messed with colour in photoshop that is more accurate for the skintone. A /little/ orangey yellow but not neon or anything. More creamy than pinky.

      And here's a pic shiroi_yukiko took with her camera. Uneditted, with my orange shirt and skin there for comparison.

      Faceup = gorgeous.
    12. I'm convinced - girl will have to wait, getting myself a new elf boy!
    13. [​IMG]

      Dim head on Domuya flexi body vs my Uni doll elf man. I made sure I had my camera set properly for color etc. He has an orange tinge to me, now I could be seeing things but that is what he looks like next to all my dolls. I wish I could put him next to the ones pictured above to know for sure. I still love him regardless.


      Domuya arm below and Uni above. I would not try to switch heads between the ones I have as the match would not look good at all. The flexi body is fab though.
    14. darn....i was going to put a UH-13 head on a flexi body... okay plan b: back to the drawing board.
    15. Wow... he's cool. What's the site for these guys? I got nil googling Unidoll.
    16. The Elf is completely wonderful! I'll give you a review and cross-reference to some other threads for you when I get home from work. :>)
    17. Not sure I'm seeing anyone comment on any of the girls. They have the locking knees as well... and the hips have an interesting feature where when they sit down, they sort of lock into place as well and connect very smoothly. (So its a smooth flow from the hips down to the thighs.)

      I haven't had much chance to pose the girl, but she doesn't seem any different from the other standard SD girl's I've seen in terms of her posability. Haven't had any trouble standing her at all. Her feet might be a BIT smaller than standard SD13 girl feet, but it might just be my imagination. I know in photographs, the girl's hands often seem very very small, but they're the same size as CP girl hands.

      Skintone wise - mine is a lovely sort of realistic peach. And she does NOT look out of place with any of my other dolls. Just as my CP dolls are pinkish, my Volks more yellowish/ivory, my unidoll is just more peachy. Its a nice variation.

      Faceup is very lovely and gentle. Well executed. Its not the faceup I had requested, but attractive nonetheless.

      Unidoll packaging IS definitely the best I've ever seen. Body-shaped foam cutout means there's no way your doll can get knocked around in transit or anything of the sort. And the cute bathrobe came in a SEALED airtight aluminum packet that you have to actually cut open. The wig came in its own box too. Two sets of hands and Unidoll says there's more optional parts on the way.

      Other than not giving me the faceup I requested, the only thing "wrong" with Unidoll is they will NOT mark down on customs. Even if you ask. I had to pay nearly $200 in taxes to get her out of 'jail' - but this is only going to be of concern to buyers in countries were customs are an issue.

    18. Does anyone happen to know how the Unidoll resin compares to Narindoll's tan skintone? I'm guessing they all have the same color resin but I'm wondering about UH-08 in particular. Not that I'm considering switching heads/bodies- I'm just planning on having a UH-08 play my tan Narin's "father," so it would be great if they had similar skin tones (and it sounds like they might).

      And StephG, those eyes look perfect on your boy! Gives him such a "real" look.