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Anyone read Aimee's article in Haute Doll?

Jul 2, 2005

    1. You must!! It's a wonderful veiw of her trip to Japan, and most especially Tenshi no Sato! :D *whimpers* It looks so beautiful there! It even shows Aimee recieving her MSD, Violet, during a special ceremony just for them! :chibi *Sniffles* I know I'd cry if I was able to do that myself :blush . Now I REAAALLY wanna go there! Congradulations Aimee! Great job! :daisy

      PS: Violet's a cutie :grin:
    2. I read it, and I was squeeing all over the bookstore! My mom had come with me, and I was like "LOOK!!!" every five minutes, pointing to the pictures. I'm sure she thought her 27 year old daughter had last her mind.

      Thanks for the great article, Aimee! :D
    3. Where can I get one? :oops: I saw on her site that she was a part of it now, but I thought they were hard to come by?

      I'd really like to be able to read it!
    4. You should be able to pick up Haute Doll in the magazine section of just about any book store! :)
    5. I'm a subscriber to Haute Doll Magazine, so I never have to hunt for it on the newsstand anymore, but you can usually find it at Barnes & Noble, and some Borders bookstores if you just want a single issue. Otherwise, I'd really recommend subscribing as Aimee is will be writing more articles, and they've had a lot of BJD related features and offerings in the past few issues. Another plus is that subscribers get the latest issue earler than the newsstands, which can mean you'd have a better chance on scoring limited dolls and outfits the next time they're offered. :wink:


      And I did really enjoy Aimee's article, as well as the photos! :grin:

      Hugs, Juli DC :daisy
    6. Really? There will be enough BJD stuff to make it worth it? I'm not into the fashion doll scene, and isn't that what the magazine is primarily geared towards?

      Should I show up at the bookstore every month and buy them and I like them, or subscribe? So there'd be enough BJD stuff to make it worth it. I don't know when I'll be able to get to a bookstore and look, so sorry to badger you with questions. :oops: I'm genuinely interested!
    7. me too, is it expensive to subscribe?
    8. Well, yeah I'd say so, but then I am interested in fashion dolls as well as BJDs. In addtion to Aimee's column, there's also Sheri's that deals with customizing. Haute Doll just offered 3 BJD centered exclusives in their last issue: Anu's Hound BJD LE 30, Doll Heart's SD13 fabulous silk suit ensemble w/wig & shoes LE 30, and 3 different styles of boots to fit SD10/13 Girls. Not to mention the great prices they offered Isao II & Jun for last Winter! You can buy a single copy off their ordering link that I posted earlier in the thread, or subscribe...and if you don't like the first issue you recieve just cancel.

      Hugs, Juli DC :daisy
    9. You need to click the link I posted in my earlier message and decide for yourself. If you live in the US, 6 issues are $25.95 verses $6.95 per single copy. Like I said, the newstands receive their issues after most subscribers, and that delay can mean you'd miss out on the chance to order a limited item. I know that both Isao II and Jun sold out well before the issue with the ordering info hit the retail outlets.

      Hugs, Juli DC :daisy
    10. I've not been able to get to the bookstore lately. :| It's depressing.
    11. Sweet. I guess I'll subscibe then. (^_^) Thanks for answering my questions! :D
    12. I bought my copy from Borders. :grin: I don't have a subscription yet, but I'm definately going to get once since there will be more articles about BJDs. :chibi Can't wait!! :D
    13. I picked it up yesterday, my fellow con goers were like, its Aimee lol -we know her from cosplay before we knew her from dolls, but yea! shes in it! lol its awesome
    14. If you really liked this issue, you should've checked out the last one (May/June?)! It had a pretty extensive column written by her on various dolls and a couple of page bio about herself as well. It really gave me a better insight on Aimee, as realistically, she doesn't have enough time to converse with us individually-- enough to get to know her, anyway.
    15. Aw, darn! I wish I hadn't missed it! :( Maybe I can pick up a back issue or something. I'd definately want to see it. :chibi :daisy
    16. :daisy She's a great writer! I enjoyed her article, and the article ON her, and of course the cosplay pics.
      Madoka looks even prettier in a glossy magazine. Hooooray for Haute Doll!