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Anyone Scare Themselves With Their Dolls

Feb 19, 2017

    1. The title is supposed to read "Scare".

      With them looking so lifelike and being dark or just not aware of your surroundings have you been startles by your dolls?
      I have dress forms around the house and had one for years but sometimes coming in the door when it's dark it gives me a start thinking someone is there.
    2. my dolls haven't been able to scare me with their life-like appearance, I guess their size just breaks the illusion? they have, however, caused me some near-heart attacks with randomly kicking up an arm or leg (due to the tension caused by being strung with elastics) when in the outer edges of my field of vision ^^;
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    3. well i recently got some new eyes for my boy and they have crystals smack dab in the middle of them and i still can't tell whether they creepy or not :aeyepop: (they are very pretty though:chibi) but sometimes they sparkle in the light out corner of my eye and spook me a bit :lol:
    4. For some reason my girl keeps spooking me. She is just a floating head, but something about her eyes, they make me jump a little. Eh, I'll get used to it.
    5. Well one time I got spooked because it was dark and I can't see at all without my glasses, so I wasn't able to tell if my doll was there and I thought it fell over my dresser. So not really the doll itself scaring me but still caused me to panic a little xD
    6. I can't say any of my dolls have startled me yet, but I do admit they have made my heart pound with fright whenever they have toppled over while I'm taking photos. :shudder
    7. The only time they have ever scared me is when their legs suddenly buckle and they try to dive head first off a table... I really don't like that... Luckily I'm always close by so the few times that has happened I've been there to catch them.

      I can't say their appearance has ever made me jump though... I think if I had one of those ones that was closer to life size I would likely jump, but I only have an MSD and yoSD so they just look like dolls. They seem to scare a lot of people not in the hobby, but I don't really get it? They are too cute to be scary! <3
    8. So far they haven't but can imagine when I finally display they properly they will for the first few days they are on display if I have them standing at anytime hahah xD
    9. Before my girl got her own room I made her a bed on a shelf above my bed. I honestly felt like she was watching me when her face wasn't turned to the wall.
      Sometimes it was so bad I had to put her back in her box. :sweat
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    10. I am not scared at all but my girlfriend is :/ my new boy sits on the couch with us because he is to big for your shelfs. So when she is home alone she always put's a blanket over his head :/ she says he is creepy when he looks at her :/ .... and with my first doll she always wanted me to put it into her Box , cause she was afraid that they would wake up at night .... kind of weird right ???!!
    11. Nope, after years of having them I'm no longer scared. First year I had them I guess it was off-setting because they were so lifelike but now they're just pretty pieces of art. They scare my brother's girlfriend though lol. :lol:
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    12. My boy isn't realistic enough to scare me luckily, but I know if I had a super realistic sculpt I'd be easily spooked.
    13. I've never been scared by my dolls, but sometimes I do feel like they are watching me.
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    14. I've only been scared of my dolls twice and then again it was something they did rather than the doll itself! :lol:

      The first time was when my JID, back when I had her, fell over in the night, causing a rather loud thump.
      The second was when I was cleaning under where I store my dolls (on top of some drawers which are around 120cm high) and my SD boy from my profile pic, without warning, fell onto my head! :doh Now I don't keep my dolls so close to the edge of the drawers and when I gave my JID to my friend, I gave her a stand for the doll. My SD boy also spends the majority of his time sitting aesthetically.
    15. Sometimes I scare myself with what I will pay...or how much time I spend in the hobby. I can get a little lost in it some days.
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    16. Yes! I never realised how shiny a pair of eyes I had were until they were shimmering just barely in the dark one night. I was spooked.
    17. My dolls haven't ever scared me since I don't have a fear of my dolls and I always know where I put them. They used to creep out my friend when she would spend the night.
    18. Lmao
    19. Yes they can be creepy of you leave them out at night lol
    20. When I first got my Vampire boy, he made me jump. I had forgotten I had put glow in the dark eyes in him. Red glowing eyes on your way back from the bathroom in the dark... Not Cool!
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