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Aod 1/3 New Body

Jul 1, 2008

    1. Aod 1/3 New Body
      HappyHouse star offers AOD new body & new part~:D

      AOD 1/3 Girl Body (version 2)

      AOD 1/3 Boy Body (version 2)


    2. The resin colour is the same than old body?
    3. what head is on the 1/3 boy? is he new?
    4. Hi~
      He is Ruo Feng :)
    5. Are you doing the same offer as the AoD site whereby you get the extra hands/heel parts depening on which body you order?
      Also do you have them readily in stock?
    6. Hi~

      we are agent for AOD in Taiwan and we have free shipping event now.your order will delivery in 2 weeks~
    7. Do all the 1/3 dolls have the new body? Or do you have to specify you want the version 2 body when you order a full doll?
    8. Hi~
      We'll delivery new bodies with full set order.~:lol:
    9. I was comparing the old and new 1/3 male bodies on the site and I was wondering if you could provide the measurements for both boys in cm?

      I -think- that some of the measurements have changed - for instance, it seems that the male body's shoulder width is wider on the new doll than it is on the old doll (140mm on the new doll versus 12cm/120mm on the old doll) - and I just want to make sure I am right (or wrong!) about the measurements.
    10. Dear Iikaya,
      You are right, the shoulder of 1/3 boy v2 is wider than v1,besides,Waist is little smaller than v1. they said(AOD office) v2 was more man look than v1.~:)