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AOD free head event

Mar 5, 2009

    1. On AOD's site:

    2. I was wondering does anyone know... Do you get to choose head or is it random? What about skin tone/etc?
    3. Yes, you can choose your head and skin tone. When I bought from their free head event last year, I was able to comment on my order to which head and skin tone I wanted. :)
    4. Care to post a link? :) I'm not familiar with this company.
    5. This is probably a stupid question, but they mean a complete doll, correct? Not just a body, then you can pick a head for free, right?
    6. Sorry to answer again... ^^

      Yes, they mean a complete doll, though if my experience is typical, if you order an additional body at the same time for the head they will assemble the doll for you.