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AOD New Sculpts ~ 1/3 & 1/6 Dolls

May 14, 2008

    1. Hi Everyone -

      Just wanted to post that AOD has just released 5 new sculpts~

      We hope you like them: http://www.aoddoll.net

      1/6 Dolls –

      Wan Wan is a small Elf Girl – With Elf ears….
      Ai Ai is a normal kid – Boy\Girl

      1/3 Dolls –

      Jimi a newer version with a bit more opened eyes!
      Ruo Feng – More of an adult type face
      Qian – A girl with an adult type face as well!

      Enjoy ~
    2. Great! They all look very nice; I especially like Qian :aheartbea

      Do you know when AoD will release the new 1/3 bodies?