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AOD Tiny question

Aug 21, 2008

    1. I poked around for a bit but I didn't see a whole lot out there about this so I'm asking! I'm looking at possibly purchasing an Angel of Dream Ai Ai. Does anyone else own one? If you do, what is your opinion of it?

      Basically, I'm looking for a 27-30cm boy to kinda go with my other dolls. I was looking for a more mature build but there didn't seem to be a whole lot of tiny mature boys. (BTW - it is very odd to me to call a 27cm doll "tiny" :lol: ) Does anyone have any suggestions for a mature 27-30cm boy?
    2. :huh?:

      No one? It doesn't seem very popular...
    3. I have an AOD tiny girl, Nini. I love the way she poses and balances. Obviously she doesn't have the same body as AiAi, but she does have a pretty mature body for a tiny, so I'm assuming the boys would be similar.
    4. If you want a mature (not baby-like) mini boy, a unoa azurite boy is a good choice.
      Or there's this guy I've been coveting from Notdoll... Yohimbin :)
    5. Thanks ^_^ I looked at the Yohimbin before but I'm not sure if I like his chest. He looks like he has breasts or something. :o Hmm...I think I will have to poke around and see if I can find a picture of him clothed. Maybe it doesn't look so bad when it's all covered up.....
    6. I have looked and looked for owner pics of him but no luck. I've considered getting him but I don't know if I would like his size.

    7. Well, according to the site, he's 26.5cm, which is approximately Ken-sized. To be honest, I'm almost afraid to get anything over 30cm! I have no idea what to do with them!
    8. I cant see your pics either! My comp must be playing up so i cant give an opinion on him and being new to bjds myself i dont know too many differnt dolls, just good luck in finding the special one, i am sure you will!!!!!!!
    9. Another option might be Bobobie's Bao, I think he's a bit more mature. Their petite size seems to represent kind of a pre-teen type body.
    10. I think most of the male dolls in this scale that you're going to find are much more childlike--they're usually designed to be children, not adults. Probably the closest I've ever seen is Souldoll's Little Kimmy, which I believe is no longer being produced:
      He's definitely more in Barbie/Ken scale, similar to Uyoo and Metal, much more slender than your standard 10" BJDs like Yo or Bambicrony. You may be able to post a WTB on the marketplace.

      If you're willing to go bigger, there are many "mature" looking BJD boys in the Mini range...Orientdoll's Tae and Il, Lati Blue boys, Narin, MiniFees. Mini size is a pretty good size to handle, they're not too large.

      Good luck on your search.